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  • Zapier

    Zapier makes it easy to sync data from Shopify to hundreds of web apps. Add customers to email marketing tools, CRMs, and more.
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    • Standout Designs

      We absolutely LOVE Zapier. Super easy to use, super powerful, super support. So far we have connected up Shopify to (which we also love) and a Google Spreadsheet Form Results doc to Zoho CRM. The combination of Zapier and is amazing. It is allowing us to automatically make sure we give attention to certain orders. For example, when a customer does not enter a shipping phone number, Zapier will create a case so long as "Mail" is not in the shipping line data since we don't need a phone number in those cases so no harm. We set the subject of the case via Zapier to include the order number and "is missing a phone number." Desk's rules take over and send a special email requesting the info from the customer where the case title contains that phrase. All fast, all automatic, all simple to get going. Support is great too. I asked a question about our custom fields since we want more data from Shopify transferred. Support made it happen with the hour. Zapier makes great apps like even more powerful.

    • Vipairsoft

      The connection is great and really helpful. I would really love it though if the trigger actions could also be dependent on specific "TAGS" on products or customers as opposed to everything or triggered by inventory count. Sometimes my company just wants to pull certain customer types or certain products. It would definitely be helpful to have a trigger action kick off when a product reaches a certain inventory level. Right now we have to search, export then filter with both Shopify and the available trigger actions between Shopify and Zapier. So opening up additional more specific triggers would be incredibly helpful!!

    • Vapel1fe

      Couple things, I LOVE this whole thing. Its like IFTT on sterioids. ONE issue is, you can automate an order to auto print which is pretty bad @ss, but the problem is IT WONT print out the Order Print like how you do it manually. You get a really ugly layout, it works but it could be much better if they utilize all of the API possibilities. They need to make it so it can be more shopify implementation. I dont see why they couldnt use the option of printing via order printer. Or maybe even some html coding for the layout.

    • Printkeg

      As a print company, we need to be able to internally track orders in different stages of production which requires numerous order statuses. Since Shopify cannot handle this, we were relieved to discover Zapier. Zapier lets Shopify and talk allowing us to improve support while tracking orders and customers. Without Zapier, we would not be able use Shopify. Additionally, Zapier talks to so many other platforms and applications, the opportunities to improve your business seem literally endless.

    • BeadCreator Software - Beading Program | Create Your Bead Patterns

      This is a great app for us. We have it connected to our Infusionsoft account, eliminating double entry of our new customers (as well as our repeat customers' orders); we use Buffer to tweet and post our new products we're uploading to Shopify (70,000 of them over the next three months); and we use Wufoo outside of Shopify to connect to Infusionsoft to add new leads that come in. We're a small business with an eye towards automation, and Zapier fits the bill for us really, really, well.