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    Social reviews give your shoppers the confidence they need to finalize their purchase on YOUR site. Yotpo is free and getting started takes less than 5 minutes.
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    Yotpo cultivates reviews for each of your products, helping with on site conversion and SEO. Best part about it is that it literally takes up ZERO of your time. It is a great app for growing the user generated content on your website.

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    • Homespunandhandson

      I don't normally write negative reviews, but I am frustrated beyond belief and I would NOT recommend Yotpo to anyone — friend or foe!!! My customer reviews have not been not showing up on my website for months. I'll give you that you responded to me a couple of times; then, after that, I guess you just decided it would be easier to ignore me and the problem. I see from reading the negative reviews that I'm not the only one. If you ask me, you have the worst customer service on the planet. I can't believe you have the audacity to tell me I should try to contact the developer now — before I post this negative review. Seriously?!? How dare you!?! I did exactly what I was supposed to do for the last two months, you dropped the ball. You don't deserve another chance. I contacted customer service too many times to list. I even tried going through your website, which apparently only wants to deal with me if I'm a 'potential' customer not an 'existing' customer with complaints. I even warned your customer service people that if I didn't hear back I would be switching apps and writing a negative review. So my actions should come as no surprise. What I say to you Mr. App Developer is your company should get their customer service act together!!! My time and my business are just as valuable as yours and if you expect to keep customers you should treat them with the respect they deserve.

    • The Marlie Madison Boutique

      My favorite app of all I've installed. By far. I had no idea what a gem this thing was until I first posted to social media with it. You see, I have about 110K fans on FB, but regardless, only 200-300 people see my posts since their algorythm change. What is weird is if I post something from Buzzfeed, it goes viral and half a million people will see it, strange right? But for all the people who have already liked my page, they won't see a link to my site that I post, or a status update etc. Well, Yotpo not only sends email requests to people (which is completely customizable, when they send it, what it says, if it posts automatically to the site or not, etc) but you can also click "post to social media" or comment directly from your email to answer a customer question or respond to a review. When you post to social media, it is a yotpo link - so they can track how many people they referred to your site. Who cares, they're still going to your site. But the great thing is, somehow the yotpo link works with facebook's algorythm to actually get out to all of your fans! So I will have thousands of people see the link, and ten times the normal traffic on my site after I post a good review on a good product to social media. It is fantastic! And super great for my business! I wish I could give yotpo a high five and more than 5 stars, I'm very grateful for this app!

    • Turtlebacks

      Our customers had amazing things to say about Turtlebacks, but we had no way of capturing and displaying their feedback. We were simply waiting until someone provided unsolicited feedback and manually putting it online. Unfortunately, people rarely provide unsolicited feedback. And manually adding feedback online is cumbersome and inefficient. Then I found Yotpo. I am not a developer so it was a pleasant surprise when I was able to quickly and easily set up the app. But that surprise pales in comparison to my experience with their customer service. Dov and the Yotpo team have been there for us every step of the way. Great apps are scarce and good customer service is rare. Imagine finding both in one place! Since installing Yotpo, we seen an increase an increase in sales because we’ve been able to stay connected with existing customers and provide trusted testimonials to prospective buyers. Yotpo has literally automated our word of mouth marketing. Oh, and it’s FREE!

    • uhsupply

      This is an outstanding app that every store owner should have. The premium feature allows your customers to ask questions about products they are viewing. This questions are then send to you the owner of the store as well as well as to buyers who have previously bought the product. The answers from this buyers are unique content which at the end of the day brings up your site in the search results. This app also have what is called seo tricks. The wonderful thing about this feature seo tricks is that it is hosted on a mini site which comes up in search results. This have resulted in us being on the first page of google because of this mini site. If you are a store owner and customer satisfaction is important to you then definitely you want this app. You can start with the free version and update to the premium version when you think you are ready for it depending on the volume of your sales and the goals you are trying to achieve. Also with the premium version you can respond to customers review.

    • Socohair

      I have never left a single review on any of our shopify apps, but with Yotpo, I'm really inclined to do so because of their practices. I would NOT recommend this app to any business owners who truly values their TIME and MONEY! I think this company is very out of touch with small businesses and their lack of transparency is a serious concern. This is the only app we have ever countered that almost forces you to get on a sales call before you can even see their prices. Its not just about their outrageous price, its also about principle. Why would anyone want to do business with a company that does not see the value in transparency in 2016. They are more focused on marketing and selling you their product as opposed to actually focusing on the service. Luckily, through another reviewer with similar experience we were able to find - this app literally has pretty much the same features as yotpo and you can customize everything.