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    Build trust by showing recent orders from real people in real time. Increase sales by showing real social proof and customer engagement.
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    • Motion Rc

      This app is very functional and easy to use and setup. The standard settings will get you 80% there but if you want the popup to match your site's look and feel you will need to do some customization. This is where we had an issue, we've emailed support 3 times now and still no response to our questions. The company has developed a solid app but this appears to be another Shopify app that will have minimal support so buyer beware. It also appears that we are somewhat limited on controlling which products will appear in the popup. For example, we want to prevent certain collections, certain product types, and certain price points from appearing in the pop-ups, this is not possible currently. We've ask support if they know how to do this or if it will be added in the future but they never responded to our emails.

    • Just 4 Tykes

      Loved it when it was working, but that was only for two days. It all of sudden stopped pulling up my orders. It would only show custom notifications that I made. I wrote two emails and never heard back. The live chat is a is always offline, so you can never contact them. This is an app that helps a lot with conversions, so if it stops working, I lose money. I would have loved to have kept using it because there are a lot of features that I like about it, but I had to switch. Now I use Sales Pop which is FREE...and actually pulls my orders and when I contacted support about something, they actually responded! I don't know how long it takes for customer support to respond here, but it needs to be faster.

    • Homebiotic

      Just installed this today, it's exactly what I needed! If we're having a big surge of traffic from a Facebook campaign etc, I love that site visitors get notified of what other people are buying from our shop.. very effective social proof! I had a minor tech support issue and I was very pleased with how quickly it was resolved. (actually it was something I'd overlooked, not an app error) The dev team even took a suggestion I had for an addition for the app, which was pretty cool.. I'm looking forward to seeing the new feature in the next update. I haven't had a ton of experience with this app yet, but I'm already quite impressed. I would definitely recommend it!

    • Innovo Groups Usa

      Not what I was expecting at all. Time stamp is way off. It repeats notifications even though I have a bunch of orders to choose and set it to "OFF" on repeat notifications. I was expect this to show actual sales in real time. For example, during the time I was testing this app, we received 2 sales. Neither displayed. So is this fulfilled orders? Incoming? Either way it does not work in the way we wish it did. I'm giving it three starts because at least the app is pretty simple to understand. I just wish it provided actual REAL TIME information.

    • Paintaccess

      Not a bad app. It did as advertised in the beginning but now the thumbnail images don't work anymore. Just a blank empty white space next to the item/order description. If they can fix this, I'll give it a 5 star. The other thing is that I am not sure how accurate the "view" and "click" statistics are. There's no way to verify. In the beginning though we had an outrageous number of views and clicks, like way more than would have been possible and I complained and I've noticed the numbers have scaled down a bit.