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  • Wheelio - World First Interactive Exit Intent Pop-up favorite

    Lead generation on steroids. Exit intent pop-up that captures lead like nothing you have ever seen. Fully customisable and responsive.
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  • About Wheelio - World First Interactive Exit Intent Pop-up

    Everything is in the tagline ! Gamification for your website. Obviously this game pop-up does not fit all sites but if it does, go !

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    Many apps do the same things but this one is the cheapest :)

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    • Gilbano

      One of the nicest apps we’ve seen in a while. Making everyone a winner is a great idea and certainly increases conversion rates. We did not give 5 stars because we think the following aspects need to be improved: 1. Any "free-trial app" (such as Wheelio) should send a reminder email BEFORE the end of the trial phase and BEFORE they charge your credit card. 2. Any "free-trial app" should by default STOP working after the trial phase ends. It should NOT, however, by default assume that you are happy with the service and charge your credit card after the trial phase ends. 3. Any "free-trial app" should clearly show within the app how many days of the"free trial" are left. Wheelio unfortunately does not do any of the above. Apart from that, we can recommend giving them a chance. Visually appealing design, playful animation and most likely a positive ROI.

    • Mommymakeup

      Love it! "Gamification" is a welcome addition to our site. After 2 weeks of Wheelio, we are averaging 19% opt-in on exit-intent. We're picking up hundreds of leads but more importantly, customers. The unsubscribes after receiving our initial welcome series is extremely low. We are excited about the upcoming improvements, including MailChimp integration. The developer really thought this through and provided a rich set of options. LOVE LOVE LOVE the gravity feature -- and we are offering some great promos to entice our visitors to become customers RIGHT NOW. Wheelio does exactly what you expect it to do. 5-stars.

    • Ring To Perfection

      Great app! First of all, the blog that is run by the owner of the plugin brings a lot of value to ecommerce store owners, and additionally they provide amazing personal support when you have questions. Secondly, the app works like a charm, we collected 1000's emails within days and many people are using the discount codes we provide! Just would love for it to be integrated with Klaviyo, but I've been told that is coming very soon! Definitely recommended when you want to increase your conversion rate and revenue!

    • Wolvestuff

      The great pirate is crushing it with this awesome app! There are many pop-up apps, but this one is a revolutionary and re-defined the word "pop-up". In less than 2 weeks of use, I've gained few thousands of emails and the percenteges of conversion to sales are just amazing. If you're not installing it right now, you're literally leave money on the table, and it's totally fine by me becouse that's way my store will continue to look uniqe with this feature installed.

    • Matchfit Conditioning Limited

      I never leave reviews. But I have gone out of my way to write this one. This is a truely brilliant app and a great way of building your email list. Not only does it boost sales and give a cool image to your business it is by far the best way of building a list of contacts. Not even had it installed a week and already ive collected over 150 emails. Previously it took me 14 months to capture 1500 emails with a pop up which I'm sure was annoying for people looking back.