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  • Popup Upsell on Exit & Visit

    Popup app for your Shopify store that collects emails for your newsletter and notifies visitors about sales on Exit & Visit with a popup!
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    • Thumbwind Mercantile

      I have a tiny niche start up. My goal is to build the brand and cover my expenses. Upsell on Exit & Visit is a great tool to ensure that my customers can get a discount before leaving the site. The UI is simple to develop and tweak. Bottom line is that it works in 1 in 5 checkouts. Now I'm using it to collect leads for email campaigns with Mailchimp. It makes for a great pair of powerful tools to have on hand. Click on my site to see it in action.

    • Real Rocknrolla Music Blog Clothing Store

      Yea this was easy to install. Nothing fancy though. If you want a professional looking pop up go elsewhere. Why the one star? I emailed them because it advertises the pop up to show up if someone leaves their cart and yet it was popping up over my welcome pop up. That's not all, rather than help me get it set up the developer told me I had to pay them $35 for a free app to configure it to my site. Like I said...go elsewhere!

    • Odyssey Cache

      I am utilizing the free version. It is great to point out current promotions or possible discount codes. I am not sure with the free version that I am able to use a scheduled popup. I tried but never did see it. For what I need it for, I think the free version will be perfect though. Love it and easy to use! Love being able to match my colors and edit how my popups look!

    • Modern Hip

      I installed this, but never really used it. So, after a few weeks, I uninstalled it. Then I received an email from the developers telling me about "what needs to be done additionally after the uninstallation of the app". The email had a link to a FAQ - lots of tracking code in the email link, but the link was broken.

    • Fantastic Sales33

      Shopify is a simple and exciting way to reaching your personal ambitions to financial success. Not only is in May simple for me but also customer service and assistance is always there and willing to help with a quick response to all my questions. Thank you all at Shopify for your tremendous assistance in service.