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  • Sales Motivator

    Increase the average size of EVERY ORDER on your store!! This brilliant little app "Motivates" customers to spend more and reach goals.
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    • Ilki

      I am so happy I downloaded this app.. we will use it for free shipping and to automatically add a free gift with purchase. The ability to change colours and add any extra code to make it match your website is frankly awesome. You can also set how long the bar at the top of your page displays for, or when you would like it to. We have also set the parameter so only Australian customers see the free ship message. Instead of adding a pop up on entry or including some static content on the page to advertise our features, we now have an interactive element which works so much better. Within a few days of downloading the free version for our Shopify store, we knew we had to upgrade. The monthly subscription is very reasonable for included functionality, as you can set multiple options for customers such as percentage off or discounts etc. which work from the moment a customer lands on your home page right through to adding items to their cart, informing them step by step as to how much more they need to spend before receiving their discount. For our free gift with purchase we are working from a $1 base so all orders automatically include a gift which the motivator app does, automatically for you. I thoroughly recommend this app to anyone, its truly wonderful. Nb. So far it seems free of any glitches or software issues. Its easy to install and set up! 5 minutes and your done.

    • Shinesty

      If I could give this app zero stars I would. We wanted to run a promotion that would give specific free gifts to customers when they reached various thresholds of cart value. Pretty simple use case. The app only actually added the free gifts to the cart accurately 1/4 of the time. 75% error rate is an absurd and outrageous failure from an application that is built for this specific use case. I don't know what the cause of the error is, I suspect that it has something to do with Bold's app/connection to Shopify being slow, but regardless it's unacceptable. This app creates an insane amount of operational headaches that we are now having to spend all day dealing with. Don't sell an app if it can't do what it is advertised to do. It's unrealistic to expect a customer to wait 5-10 seconds between getting to the cart page and clicking checkout. This is not the first problem we've had with Bold Apps. If you are a store of any scale I would strongly, strongly suggest staying away from this application. It's completely incompetent.

    • 12131415toc

      Yes The Motivator is probably a great app BUT: 1. In the video they promise that "You can customize everything". That is not true. Our store is Bulgarian, the symbols are Cyrillic but the app displays “???” instead the correct symbols. When we asked the developer to help us with this issue (you know that a lot of developers can easy solve such problems) the answer was: “Our applications out of the box wont support Cyrillic, however they do support unicode, the work around at the moment would be to use the unicode characters or have your customers use chrome with the translate extension.” 2. In the video they promise “No liquid or HTML”. That is not true. You have to pay $10 even at the beginning of the free trial period for settings in the Liquid and HTML. So in our case we paid $10 at the first day of our free trial and then realize that we are receiving nothing. We are very disappointed, good luck for all that works with English alphabet.

    • Shop Ronnefeldt teas since 1823

      First and foremost BoldApps is a great development house. They create solutions to real world commerce challenges and "The Motivator" is a great example of the aforesaid. Let's start with achieving target cart totals. This is the ONLY solution that we have tried that has worked. Set up for a promotion... super-easy (takes us less than 2 minutes). Effectiveness aka consumer response... incredible. We are still making our way through the trial period and definitely plan on upgrading the plan by the end of this month. I would recommend having them install the App. Costs $10 but more than worth it unless you are a 'liquid' expert. I could not recommend this plugin or company more. Try anything from BoldApps and I'm certain you will not be disappointed.

    • Personalized and Printed

      Bold Apps' apps add so much value to any ecommerce store. They are truly innovators. The Motivator app enhances the buying process without being annoying to customers as they add products to their cart. We use Product Options as well, which makes adding personalization or uploading photos directly on the product pages, or the ability to offer a rush fee or product accessory without requiring the buyer to keep checking their cart for a total. We also use the Quantity Breaks app, which is ideal for tiered pricing, e.g., stationery products like thank you cards. Best of all, the Bold Apps support team is so good that they deserve more than five stars :) Keep up the good work!