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    Build your brand by creating custom t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more. We'll create and ship the goods directly to your customers.
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    • By The Board Games Entertainment

      Teelaunch is a fantastic addition to my store! (For the record, I didn't have a fairytale first order with them and now I'm glad of it. ) First of all, all I wanted for my printing purposes was to have a few custom items available to support my store. Where other apps require you to upload your entire store first to their site, teelaunch was designed to work inside of Shopify and the process works perfectly. Also, customers and I love the automated order tracking and fulfillment process. The process is seamless. Also, I chose them for the price and selection too. Since I uploaded the app, I've been going back and forth daily with teelaunch with the entire staff and they have all been extremely helpful in answering my questions. I don't even have to leave Shopify to chat with them! So, I decided immediately to order mugs and stickers as a sample order and test the system. I had printing issues on both. I also had a customer's order in process, so I was anxious that they might receive a lesser quality print. I removed the product and immediately contacted teelaunch. Dave and his team immediately set out to do everything he could to set things right. My customer received the mugs before any corrections could be made, and they were just fine so that was a relief. I received my replacement mugs shortly after and all were perfectly printed as the preview image assumes. I released the mugs again on my site in confidence that this was a one time issue. As for the stickers, I'm now working on correcting that issue and we're in regular communication. I was also happy to see that their designers made a conscious effort to acquire a quality image for yet another item I'm working on. This is a newer company, so there is always room for improvement - that's the easy part though. The product is good, the selection is diverse, the service is awesome and this app was made for Shopify like no other that I've used.

    • Latter Day Shirts

      Teelaunch is improving so this review may change. I continue to use them because they have awesome prices and you can actually make a profit on your store using them. Printful is still their biggest competitor but Printful is very expensive and I don't know how anyone makes a profit using them regardless of their awesome app. My biggest gripe about Teelaunch is their customer service needs to get with the program. At times they seem "out of touch." If I get an automated email from them telling me that an order had an issue, I would reply to that email expecting customer support to be on the same page as their initial email. Not the case. I end up explaining what the issue is, who had the issue, and how we can resolve the problem. The only thing keeping Teelaunch from being a 5 star vendor may be a simple fix within their IT department. If customer service can

    • The Mad Papist

      When things are running smoothly, all is well. For this reason, and because of the good pricing, I stuck it out for quite a while. But when you have an issue you are in for a ride. Expect to wait days before support tickets get any attention, and when they do, don't expect the communication to be clear or the problem to be addressed. They seem to be in over their heads most of the time, and confused. Communication is an essential when I need to keep my customers happy and informed about their orders. Mistakes are fine, as long as communication is there. With these guys, it isn't there and never has been. When you run into trouble, you'll feel like they are either ignoring you or they just plain don't know what's going on.

    • Markandestelshop

      I am so pleasantly surprised with this app and customer service! Their prices are outstanding and their customer service ROCKS! I have a very important project that needed special attention and the owner and all the customer service reps made sure that everything went smoothly. Unlike all of the other print apps, Teelaunch has hands on service which makes is dependable and reliable. Not to mention that their user platform is easier than all the other apps which is what attracted me to them to begin with. I am just so pleased that their reliability and dependability is as outstanding as their platform! KUDOS! JOB WELL DONE!

    • 4 Paws Buddha

      Great app, easy to use, great products! 5-10-17--- I'm amending my initial review, which was written when I'd only had limited experience with the company. If I could give them 10 stars I would. Seriously awesome customer service - the chat feature is really great and I've always gotten speedy responses to inquiries. But even more importantly, when I've experienced user-errors on my end, AND the one time I received a complaint from a customer, TeeLaunch made things right, and then some. I am super grateful to have found these guys!!!