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  • Rewards and Referrals by Swell favorite

    Dramatically increase revenue with our loyalty program, which rewards your customers for repeat purchases, referrals, and more!
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  • About Rewards and Referrals by Swell

    Swell allows you to implement a rewards program to increase revenue and growth. You can create your own sort of currency on your website. It is a great way to keep your customers coming back.

  • Tips

    Try giving customers some points when they login to their account or like your Facebook page. It's a great way to increase their loyalty to your brand !

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    • Designer Certified

      This app is actually incredible. It literally installs to your website with the click of a button and provides your customers the ability to earn points and rewards such as discounts and coupons for taking actions that will help increase the success of your online store. Everything you wish you had available on your website to encourage your customers to share with their friendds and family as well as encouraging them to purchase from you is automatically installed without having to hire anyone to write endless pages of code to enable you the same kind of access and abilities that Swell Rewards and Referrals provides you. On top of that you can actually create custom campaigns for specific actions you would like your customers to take on your website. Plus, you can completely customize and personalize all of the aspects of their service to be unique to your own webstore. At Designer Certified Home & Decor we sell home decor, furnishings, lighting, sculptures, architectural elements, furniture, accessories, whimsical items, bronze, marble, outdoor furniture, and more specializing in quality handmade and highend products which tend to sell much better when they are recommended by friends or family since it automatically gives you the trust and credibility you need to be successful in this industry. I personaly would like to thank Swell for providing me the opportunity to use their application and Shopify for allowing their application to be so easily implemented in to my online store. I can not thank them enough and the early success that my store has had is due in great part to this application and I look forward to continuing my discoveries of the cool tools and abilities that they provide! THANK YOU SWELL! THANK YOU SHOPIFY! Be sure to check out our store too so you can see the rewards program in action and save thousands on all of your home decor and interior design needs!

    • The Laughing Cabin

      I had installed this app several weeks ago, and at first, only made use of the rewards program. Then, I decided to try the e-newsletter pop-up. I was skeptical that this would help me to gain any new subscribers because I am not a fan of pop-ups, and my store is new, so I've had no experience with them. Let me just say that within 12 hours, my e-newsletter subscriber list jumped by 1/3 -- with an average of one new subscriber an hour since first installing it (in combination with paid FB ads running to drive traffic to the store). Until the past week, I had been struggling to grow my e-newsletter list -- now it is almost effortless. The key is to have some kind of targeted advertising in place to drive customers to the store to get best results. The pop-up is not intrusive, and a good percentage of visitors are actually subscribing because of it. It is easy to tell which customers are using the pop-up as compared to those who are subscribing through other portals in my blog and store. Also -- I am seeing good results with the rewards program sign-ups, too. I am very pleased and will continue to explore this app's features as my shop grows. For a newbie store owner, this app has made the learning process relatively painless -- and allows for growth as my learning increases and my store expands. Thank you!

    • Ninja Brand Inc

      This review is initially based off of what I am seeing and they are supposed to be reaching out to me soon to go over why they are using all orders to calculate the charge. At least they are responsive. I'll update as we work through this issue. I started this App up last week, and at least half of the orders were never placed when the App was being used, so that struck me as incorrectly counting orders towards charging a fee. I also place manual orders through our shipping App to ship company documents, as well as replacement orders, returns, etc, and those are not true customer placed orders, so I do not think it's fair to utilize this metric as a basis for charging and I hope they're willing to fix this or work out a better resolve, so we'll wait and see. Either way, I'll hear them out to see why in their app it says all orders for the entire month are used to calculate charges and see if there is a misunderstanding. Also, it is showing one email is responsible for clicking the link 39 times, so I am waiting to hear how that metric is calculated.

    • Zeitgeist Gifts

      This is a WIN-WIN app! SWELL Rewards is a great app that worked perfectly for me. Super-easy to install and to customize for my store. It’s a real win-win app that provides value for your store and customer through rewards. It encourages reviews, referrals, social shares and more that help you growing your business and increasing reach and sales. You don’t even have to figure out the points system – everything is already there and made perfectly sense for my needs. But one of the most important differentiating factors is the amazing customer service SWELL provides. Specifically, Josh! He is awesome: efficient, reliable and gets back to you when he says he will. Josh goes above and beyond to make sure all questions are answered and provides helpful tips. Looking forward to seeing how the app will work for my customers. Thank you, SWELL!

    • Dolphin Organics

      I've just set up my Shopify site having migrated from Volusion. That alone has me in such great spirits that I was already happy to leave high reviews. Then, I came across Swell in the Shopify app store, and it allows me to reward my customers for their loyalty and engagement for a ridiculously low cost! I'm down right giddy. As small business owners, the bottom line is at the forefront of every conversation, and the offering of discounts and perks with Rewards points are expense enough for us. I'm still working on and hoping to figure out how to delete codes that I accidentally imported to the wrong coupon - since I forgot to decipher between the discount_export csv files (1) (2) and (3) Otherwise, everything Ive wanted to do so far has been - - - swell :) I couldn't resist!