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    The first automated invoicing app for Shopify. Over 3150 stores trust us with their invoices. ✓
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  • About Sufio - Automatic Invoices

    Sufio is a tool that automatically sends invoices for every order on your website. Invoices are fully compliant with legislation in France, the EU and over 50 countries worldwide. It makes your life easier and makes you look more professional in the eyes of your clients !

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    • Classroom Friendly Supplies

      This is an amazing app! It is exactly what I needed for automatic invoicing of my customers. Simple and effective! The invoice itself looks very professional and I was able to easily add my custom logo to the top. There is an option for the customer to print, download or view it online. The customer support that was offered to me was also very impressive. I had daily communication with the developer over a period of 4 days until my invoice was perfected to my desire. First class all the way!

    • Crosswordsite

      If you want an app that automatically and instantly invoices your customers with all local sales taxes/VAT etc. calculated and shown, Sufio Automatic Invoices does what it says on the tin. It has all the bells and whistles and customization facilities I need. My store sells digital products and Sufio links perfectly with it and with the digital products app I use, and picks up on any discounts issued as well. First class app, very well thought through.

    • Leno Shop - متجر لينو

      Sufio is GREAT! we've been having issues with invoices since day1 in Shopify, due to the language and currencies difference, but no longer with Sufio. The app is amazing in sending invoices automatically to customers, printing, editing as well as making invoices from scratch. We used to do some tasks manually but Norbert and his team customized them to work automatically! This really saved our time. The support is great and fast. Totally recommended.

    • The Reluctant Trading Experiment

      The Sufio App is excellent for those wanting to create professional invoices that are generated at the same time as Shopify orders. Since we are beginning to use the same site that we sell direct to customers on for wholesale, I was looking for a solution like this. Quickbooks invoices are ugly. By taking orders in Shopify, we're able to sync the orders with our shipping program. Sufio offers a really elegant solution.

    • Jollityshop

      Great app, super easy to use! There is a limit to customization you can do by yourself, but you can ask their support and they would help you with all the tweaks needed! They are fast, responsive and always very nice and helpful. Also they spoke Slovak language (as our invoices are in Slovak), so I guess that would be the case for all the languages supported by Sufio. I highly recommend this app!