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  • Social Media Stream

    Stream Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr and Pinterest feeds to your store. Bring your store to life with dynamic content.
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    • Pinatawholesale

      This app is a SCAM. Our company needed a way to integrate our Instagram feeds into our Shopify official page. We looked for an app that could solve this problem and we found this one. When we started utilizing it we were satisfied with it. It all changed quickly though. Because we were using the free trial we had to uninstall and reinstall the application each time we updated our account. This was no problem; we were planning on paying to have the service upgraded anyway. The problem came when we paid for the service and tried to integrate Instagram again. It failed. It would not let us access our feeds, displaying this message each time we tried: “Error: The selected account does not exist. Please try again with another account”. This happened time and time again, no matter the Instagram username we used. Our business relies heavily on our Instagram feeds so it goes without saying this problem affected us extremely. We contacted customer support immediately and we were did NOTHING to solve this inconvenience. For starters, they always took one or two days to reply to our e-mails, and every time they did reply they did it with things like “Can you kindly confirm you still have the same problem?” Yeah, if I sent you the e-mail is because we have a problem. A week went by and the problem was not solved, we asked for a refund and have not got it. They have not replied. USING THIS APP COST US A LOT OF MONEY; USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    • Taste Tea Naturals

      Update: The ugly purple "powered by" bar and the fact that it was on a separate page really bothered me. I found an Instagram widget for my homepage called LightWidget that does the same for a one time fee of $10, it updates every 40 minutes and you have customization options. Check out my store it looks great! It's only for Instagram so stick with Social Media Stream if you want other feeds to show or you want a separate page. ______________________________________________________________ This app is good for a free app. Three major points for improvement. 1. Allow admin to be able to make changes such as edit text/captions, unselect certain pictures they don't want shown, and prioritize one stream over another. 2. The purple colour for the "powered by" bar is terrible and clashes with my theme. 3. Would be ideal for it to feature on the homepage but will have to probably just upgrade my theme instead. For now it will do the job.

    • E And J Barre Boutique

      Great customer service! I wanted to get the captions taken off our instagram pictures to make the page more visually appealing and I emailed them. Less than 12 hours later (in the middle of the night) I got an email from Emma and she did it for me! So awesome! I would give it 5 stars, but we would just like the ability to have a small header at the top of the page directing people on how to tag us on instagram. Please develop this option so we can add a header! Thanks Emma and Social Media Stream team! UPDATE: We are experiencing problems with this staying live on our site. For the second time in a few weeks, we have had to reconnect the app to our page because it stopped showing our instagram feeds. No reason has been given from their customer service department. Frustrated and may have to look for another app with similar features. If this is a bug, please fix!!!

    • Osiris and Co.

      Amazing! Such a clean and simple add on to a site. Clicking any picture brings the viewer right to the photo on Instagram via a new tab. This allows your page to still run in the background while driving traffic to your Instagram photos. Great customer support! Received an email from custom support just to check in. One email lead to another and they helped remove the captions under each photo. Now I have a super clean grid of photos just like the Instagram app. Can not wait for all the other features to come out! I wouldn't see myself opening another shopify store without this app to be perfectly honest. In addition, I wouldn't have taken the time to write this review if it wasn't an amazing app! DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! A+++ RATING!!! NO SPAM, NO SCAMS... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

    • Mattany

      we just cancelled this. there was periodic intermittent down time here and there and the need to re-install if instagram changed something in their code which i understood but then it went down for a week. i wrote to the developer and he told us to re-install the app. when we tried to do so, we got an error message that our instagram handle is invalid and does not exist. this happened to two separate clients using the app - we tried three browsers and on two different computers - one a mac and one a pc and still got the same error. vendor did not provide assistance after this so we cancelled our subscription. unfortunately we will not get our money back.