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    This app will increase your business by helping your customers find you, or your products, with the ULTIMATE Store & Dealer Locator App!
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    • Ssp Eyewear

      The app has been the greatest addition to our store to help drive our web customer's to our Dealer's physical stores. We were constantly getting calls on where people could physically go try on our product and this has been a huge hit and we have only been live a couple weeks. The customer look up feature that shows where people are searching for our product is an excellent sales tool for our reps and I hope that the developers can expand on that feature in the future. Just within the few weeks we have been working with this app, our dealer orders have already increased because they are wanting to make sure they are stocked on our product. We also use the Product Upsell App from Bold and have nothing but great success with the apps we are currently using from them. I look forward to working with them much much more in the future! Great job guys! I am truly impressed with your stuff so far.

    • Balm Balm

      This app really hit the spot for us. We are the World's smallest - yet most perfectly formed 100% organic skincare manufacturer, so by that very definition are in a small niche. What this App has done though, is threefold; 1) It makes you look at your customers and just who is 'worthy' of inclusion. A process we really should have done anyway - but were forced to when inputting stockists onto here 2) Customers to the site love it and it helps us answer when we get a caller ringing in 3) EVERYONE will get a buzz from seeing multicoloured icons popping up across the globe. (go on - you know you will) See if you have some time - thanks to all.

    • Warrior Lodge

      This app is absolutely crucial if you want your brick & mortar store to be easily found by your customers. But what if you don't have a physical location, like me? These days, conversions are a result of traffic and traffic is generated by having a site with high quality content as well as being as helpful as possible to your visitors. We at Modern Workspace are currently using the Store Locator app not for our physical store, but to assist our visitors (and potential customers) to find useful services in their area. Basically, this is a must have app. Great price too. Wes O'Donnell

    • SwimZip Rash Guard Swimwear

      The Store Locator app has been great. We have been looking to add a feature like this to our site for awhile and the Store Locator has made implementing that goal a breeze. We have been using the app for about two weeks and right out of the box we were able to add retail locations that carry our products without any hassle - it is very straightforward to use. There are a number of ways to fine tune how stores can be searched/found and a way to import bulk uploads. This is just what we were looking for to add to our site and the backend ease of use makes this app a big win.

    • Equiderma

      We have several of Bold's apps on our new store. So far, we have been very pleased with all the products. The store locator is easy to use and find it useful for those who dont wish to purchase online. The sales motivator is just that and the user interface (customer) is pleasant and easy to update/modify on the user interface (store side). Customer service has been really responsive and helpful with our many concerns/questions. To summarize, we would definitely suggest Bold apps to any other store that is setting up or needs a little boost in their product sales.