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  • Stitch Labs Inventory Management

    Stitch is the most popular inventory management suite for small businesses. Don't just manage inventory, get the insights you need to grow.
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    • Ciciban Canada

      We really really really want to like Stitch. In fact, it’s incredibly close to being just awesome, but a few seemingly easily-fixable problems render it nearly useless for a Canadian business. Our first pet-peeve is the currency prefix for your chosen currency. If you are in the US or operate your store in US dollars, you are all set. All your form fields with dollar amounts will display as they should i.e. the amount will be preceded by a regular dollar sign $. So, one hundred dollars will display properly as $100.00 However if your currency is set to Canadian Dollars, then you can no longer get the dollar sign $, but you get the text “CAD”. So, now all your forms are peppered with dollar amounts that start with the three letters CAD. For example, Price: CAD64.99, Tax: CAD3.25, Total: CAD68.24. A form like that looks _absolutely stupid_ and you can’t send out a form that looks like this to a customer. We contacted Stitch and they confirmed that the coveted dollar sign $ is reserved for US dollars only and that we are stuck with the CAD prefix if we operate in Canadian dollars. The second issue is that Stitch does not support barcodes. You can create a custom field to store your barcode, but these fields cannot be made to display on your main Inventory page. The third and the last issue is that you can’t apply an Invoice discount as a percentage, only as a dollar amount. Stitch Customer Support said they may add this last item to their list of potential future improvements. All in all, Stitch is so close to perfection, yet so far away because of these three things – worst of all being the CAD64.99 nonsense. We love the easy-to-use UI, and the beautiful sales sheets that Stitch generates (disregarding the CAD issue that plagues the sales sheets as well). We are half-way through a 6-month Stitch trial and anxiously awaiting the release of the new Stitch platform. We hope the dollar sign issue is resolved, otherwise we will have to part ways with Stitch and look for something else.

    • Sands of Time Ancient Art

      I presently have a love/hate relationship with this software. Overall, the system works extremely well, setup is not complicated and, if you get in a fix, their customer support is exemplary. This software makes my invoicing super easy, and allows me to deal with my telephone and walk in gallery sales with grace and ease. Stitch also integrates seamlessly with our Xero accounting system, another huge plus, especially if, like me, you want to focus on your business, not your bookkeeping. We are an art gallery so we carry a wide range of unique objects, and after an in-depth evaluation of all inventory products available for Shopify, then using Stitch for over 12 months, we find it is still the best fit for our business. However, the changeover to their latest version has been quite a challenge, hence only three stars at this time. As with any new version, there are a few extremely annoying design issues and compared to the earlier, less featured version 1, the software is noticeably slower in areas; in particular when displaying a new record, moving from module to module (eg: inventory to orders) and sorting. However, I am assured by one of the co-founders, Jake Gasaway, that everyone at Stitch is working "insane hours" to ensure "our customers [are] in a position to be successful during the busiest time of the year". So, I am currently living with the pain in hope of the gain. If they come through, I shall up the rating to five stars. More soon......

    • BeastWares

      Seems about time for me to update my review... I still love these guys. It does look like they had a rough few months, but it also looks like it was a moment of growing pains in preparation for bigger and better things. I've noticed a lot of new features rolling out that definitely streamline and simplify the experience, so it's clear they are taking customer feedback into account and continuously trying to build the best tool they can. One of my favorite things about Stitch is how transparent and accessible they are. They've always responded to my questions, brought in needed features, and been totally willing to own up to any goofs or glitches that happen. You really get the sense that they listen to their customers' needs to build a tool FOR US. I have an innate sense of trust in them, and that counts for a lot with me. Also the new features coming out-- like in-line stock editing-- are awesome. Also the new visualization of integration that allows me to see how items are synced without clicking on individual items— awesome. There’s clearly lots of good stuff coming down the pipe, and I can't wait to see the app evolve and grow.

    • Kevetta Designs

      I have been using Stitch Labs since April 2014 and for the most part have been satisfied with its performance. Unfortunately, I do find it to be extremely slow when using the inventory page and reports functions, but the most disappointing thing and the reason I am rating it 3 out of 5 stars is the fact that it does not yet push inventory to all of the main channels (Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon) only Shopify and Square. I contacted Stitch Support to ask when this will happen and it was expressed that it is not a priority, on the horizon, but not a priority. I believe this should be a major priority. This is very frustrating to me as a small business, because so much of my precious time is taken up by having to enter all of my listings 4 different times. It would be so wonderful and time efficient to be able to enter them once in Stitch and have them push to all of my current channels (Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and Shopify). I have seriously contemplated changing services to find this component, but hesitate as I don't want to have to transfer all of my historical data to another platform.

    • Purple Elm Baby

      When we first started using StitchLabs, I would have rated them 4 or maybe even 5 stars. But their latest version (2.0) has brought our experience down a few notches. Don't get me wrong--it's beautiful, and in many ways it seems filled with potential to be better than their first version. But despite all of the fantastic technical support we have always received from StitchLabs, we just can't seem to get the newest version to work as smoothly and quickly as the older version. Please don't take this review to mean I wouldn't recommend StitchLabs, because I most definitely would. But we would be much happier if things had stayed as they were at version 1. I won't bore everyone with the details because, maybe we're just a small fraction of people who have run into issues with the new version. I just want StitchLabs to know that we love them, that it's nothing personal, but that they need to improve version 2 to make sure they stay on track to be the number one inventory management app that I know they can be. Thank you, and keep on keepin' on!