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  • Exit Offers

    Exit Offers is your only instant second chance to make money off of every abandoning customer through exit popup offers.
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    • Tredoni

      I ran the trial for a few days but got no results. The reporting interface is extremely slow and always shows no views, even though I have tested it several times so there should have been at least those views. The coupon reminder that appears at the top of the web page covers my top menu and logo. It would be better if it loaded above the top of the page, not over it. I gave this 3 stars because I only trialled for a few days so maybe it would have yielded some results over a longer time, but the other issues were enough for me to try another service instead.

    • It's A Black

      We installed this app exactly 2-weeks ago and it has already saved over $2,000 in what would have been lost revenue. By far the best revenue generating app we've installed to date. It's easy to set up and we saved three orders on the first day we launched it. We use it along with Shopify's built-in system that sends emails to customers that abandon the shopping cart. So if Exit Offers doesn't convince them to buy before they leave the site, we get another bite at the apple with the Shopify email. I highly recommend this app.

    • Mieux & Mieux

      Amazing! Extremely simple set up & it proved its worth immediately. Exit Offers has converted visitors that were about to leave our store into paying customers. There's even a STATS page to keep track of exactly how many times the pop-up has been shown, the number of customers to use the discount, & the amount of total sales generated. We wanted to inquire about customization & our e-mail was replied to within the hour. Excellent product & customer service. Must have!

    • Amy's Country Candles

      I am so exited because I knew people were shopping because my website was showing I had a lot of people on my page but not as many orders. I found today as I am studying my website and found pages of orders that were abandoned. I am thrilled because I seen the money in their carts and I know I will gain new orders. Yepi, now let me go see how to send those people an email to tell them about their orders in their shopping carts. Thank you guys for this awesome app.

    • The Dirt Paleo Personal Care

      I have been using this app for about 5 months and I will say the coupon gets used A LOT! I'm about to lower my coupon amount and see if it effects conversions at all. I have noticed that if you move your mouse quickly in the general direction of the top bar the coupon pops up, perhaps prematurely. I'm a little curious if the app i helping me convert more people or just giving more people coupons.