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    Spently makes it easy for you to send beautiful order confirmation emails that can be used as marketing tool to increase sales.
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    The easiest way to drive repeat purchases. Turn transactional emails into marketing opportunities with upsells, discounts, and follow-up emails after every purchase.

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    • Discount Rugs Usa

      My customer complained that her confirmation email didn't look legit. I than sent out an example to myself and saw that she was right. I had spent over 40 hours designing and perfecting my website, only to have my first sale complain and ask for a cancellation because she didn't feel comfortable or trust my store due to the email she received looking very generic and plain. I then immediately and frantically searched for a way to improve the visual appeal of my automated email response (the customer needs to receive an email that looks professional). That's when I found this app (Spently). Within 5 minutes I had designed a beautiful email confirmation template (they have templates for any situation, ex. refund notification, order confirmation, shipping confirmation etc.) Anyways when I sent the customer an email stating that she was my first sale and that I now improved the design of the email confirmation she received, she was so happy and she trusted me and my online store again, and she said that she didn't want to cancel her order anymore. So basically if you need beautiful and professional looking email templates for your eCommerce store you cannot choose anyone other than Spently. THANK YOU SPENTLY!

    • Mymusiccd Com

      First off, the Spently crew gets it. Excellent product. Very fair price. Easy installation. Kick ass customer service. There are a lot of beautiful apps out there but more often than not you are left on your own accord to install, learn a new interface, hunt and peck, and test, test, test until you get it right or just uninstall the app in frustration. Not so with Spently's Review Notification Email Editor & Analytics. From the moment I installed the app these guys were in contact (automated and Non-automated) and made sure I had all the info I needed to use their app to it's full potential. Our personalized children's CDs have custom product options that need to be pushed into the Order Confirmation emails. So when I had a couple requests to tweak the liquid code to my specs Ren spent probably too much time helping me get it right. Huge thanks to Ren. The bottom line is this is how all app companies should conduct their business. If more app companies truly focused on helping their customers in the set up phase they would make more money and have more loyal customers. Thanks, Spently, you just gained another loyal customer.


      Lets cut straight to the chase here: if you have a Shopify store YOU NEED THIS APP! It's that simple. Don't hesitate..just click get app! The email templates that are supplied in your default Shopify store are appalling and I've been looking for a solution for years (even looking at this app several times and not taking it!) but I'm so pleased I finally did. The app is so simple to use and in a few clicks you can transform your default communications to customers from drab, bland, grey messages to something worth looking at, and importantly - interacting with.This now opens up a whole new world of possibilities for our business, giving us the opportunity to promote products/social media/special promotions/content/blogs and a whole lot more. It's a clear and easy 5 Star app without hesitation. Not sure what the developers have in store in terms of development but perhaps a discount code generator or product recommendation feature would be great but lets not take anything away from this app right now. It's brilliant...and essential.

    • Sabbat Box

      Fantastic app with exceptional customer service! The app is extremely easy to use and allows you to create professional email notifications for your Shopify store without the hassle of any coding. Spently's notification emails are versatile and customizable and are filled with tons of great features that allow you to monetize on your correspondences with your customers as well. Their dashboard provides valuable metrics and analytics pertaining to the emails you send, allowing you to see which emails are most effective at getting opened and which get the most clicks, allowing you to better measure which types of correspondences works for your customers and your company. Also, their customer service is absolutely top notch. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to make effective and professional notification emails with their Shopify store. We have two Shopify stores and use Spently for both of them and couldn't imagine running our stores without this app.

    • Mei Li Paperie

      This app was just way too hard to customize... I had an easier time doing the HTML version that already comes in the Shopify system. I liked the idea that this app tracked people opening it ect. I think it is just silly that you can't change the background and button colours to have some possibility of the email looking like it belongs to your site... i mean that isn't that the most basic thing? I tried to ignore that fact and continue on but after 3 hours of fighting with getting our logos in the templates in the correct size (where the ideal size is not listed anywhere!)... and having to re upload the image every time in order to bring the image editing box up it I had to toss this app in the way too hard basket!! Really disappointed as it looked like it could be good... plus would save me from having the edit the HTML code of our current ones every time I want to change something.