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  • Photo Reviews, Wishlist, Instagram, Social Share by SocialShopWave

    SocialShopWave is the all-in-one app: social login and sharing, reviews, wishlists, instagram feed, automated emails and more.
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    • Atrion

      I cannot count the number of Shopify apps I have installed looking to add features that I want to use to make my store continue to become even better. Some have filled the void perfectly and some have not even come close to what they advertise; but a app that not only integrates the features I was looking for but goes above and beyond and integrates features that I couldn't find or that go above and beyond what they even advertise I had not come across yet, that is until I downloaded SocialShop Wave. I came across this app looking for a better way to integrate my store with my own and also my customers social networks. This app does everything it says and also throws in a few extras! I had been looking for a better and more visually appealing way to include customer profiles on my site since the theme (Supply) I was using just could not quite fill this bill as well as I had hoped. Here is what I have found with SocialShop Wave:

    • Moooh!!

      The best app on Shopify to socialise an e-commerce store. The perfect app for creating viral engagement, collect leads and drive social sales. Shoppers love to play with the live feed and with their social profiles ! The app is fully customisable in css and the design can match the feel and look of your website. With some more code is possible to integrate the app with some other applications sold on Shopify. Socialshopwave support is always ready to help for integrations and tweaks you may need and they answer even during the weekends. Waiting for more cool stuff from Eldar, Anton and their team at Socialshopwave !! And... if , one day, you want to uninstall the app just contact Anton and Eldar, they will help you, avoiding to mess your liquid code in Shopify.

    • Outerfy

      Outstanding App and amazing customer support; a winning combination. The app will instantly boost all social elements on your site (from social login, to social reviews, comments, community, social share and much more). The app is very powerful but easy to integrate at the same time. It provides set of functionalities that otherwise would require a huge investment in coding, or adding several different apps that won’t be connected to each other. Most importantly, the SocialShopWave support guys are absolutely remarkable. They will help you with any integration request you may have and will turn most requests around within few hours. They addressed every request I had so far and did it very well. SocialShopWave rock!

    • Shadow Tree

      The team is very responsive and fast in answering questions. For those who are not satisfied with Shopify built-in customer account functions, this excellent add-on provides more robust, richer features, which we just love it. Another reason to suggest this add-on is that it lets users to decide whether to subscribe newsletter during the signup process. It's just a checkbox though, but many other social login add-ons just miss it out and there's no easy way to add this back. The add-on itself also comes with a language editor, which is very useful for non-English store owners. We appreciate very much for their timely response every time we have problem using the add-on. The team behind this add-on is really awesome.

    • Mish Mitakin

      Before socialshopwave, I was trying to install YOTPO but the installation did not go through. I contacted their support team and they did not respond for one week. So, I threw them out, started looking for a good review app and came across socialshopwave. Social shopwave has fantastic features. Besides reviews, I have been wanting to use Instagram galleries which they have. I am intrigued by their community feed. It provides proof that visitors are purchasing. Then today itself, a visitor emailed me asking me to notify him when one of our products becomes available. That is exactly what their wishlist and automated email feature can do. It is super to have all the features in one place.