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    Get more social shares with Zotabox social media icons. Responsive. Multiple accounts, styles, sizes and colors. + 10 more popular tools.
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    • 4th Phase Water

      When I try to edit a function it goes to a screen with a "loading" bar and never gets anywhere. I have Kaspersky Virus/AdBlocker, but I disabled that thinking maybe this was the problem. I noticed Kaspersky shows 30 and 40 data collection attempts for each function I try to edit, as it attempts to load. I uninstalled the app, installed it again, same thing. I'd really like to try this App out, and maybe even pay for premium stuff, based on some other reviews, but this really blows so far. I can toggle a function on and see it on my store, but when I go to edit, LOADING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> forever.

    • Raven Imports

      By far the VERY BEST app I have, I use on both of our shops and it's packed full of FREE addons. The Top Bar is cool, the Sharing Social Icons is great, there's lots in this and it all works very well. Most things do not require any coding, just set, save and it's done. You can check out our site here to see this app in action. See the Top Bar, the SM Icons on bottom left and the Quick Email, all customized to black, you can do whatever you want, heaps of settings, very simple. Visit: and

    • Great Best Buy Online

      This is truly an outstanding app for novice and experienced entrepreneurs. All of the up-to-date social media buttons are in one tool. I am so grateful to find this tool for my Shopify business. All Steps are clear, concise and comprehensive. The additional resources just add flavor and favor to my business goals and objectives. I give it 5 Stars without hesitation! Thank you for preparing it for my new business career. Sincerely, Dr. Marilyn M. Carr

    • High Extraction Full Color Home Led Lighting Llc

      I love it but I ALSO want a social icon to work on smaller screens as such found on smartphones too as I assume this is when a person might email the page back to themselves to look at later on a PC before purchasing it. I realize I can SHARE-email to myself a URL link with existing options found in my smartphone, but for someone less familiar another with their phones abilities, another way through another icon I believe would be a good idea.

    • Next Side

      A very handy app to use for setting up social buttons like facebook instagram etc. Also not very complicate interface so you don't have to know anything about HTML, so it's very user friendly, and you also do not only get the social buttons but also other services like promo bars, so i guess that's nice. all in all a very good app but i will note that be prepared to have a "powered by zotabox" bar on your social buttons.