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    Start your own branded rewards program in minutes. Include loyalty points, VIP, and referral programs in combination.
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    Encourage profitable actions that drive customer loyalty. Turn existing customers into powerful marketers. Give increasing rewards to your best customers.

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    • Patchesrus

      I think the whole idea behind the app is great. Integration is good too and after talking with the team at Sweet Tooth and receiving great communication (fast too) I am happy to give this app a good run! Looking forward to some good results to post back here soon! Can't really view this on mobile properly. Would be good if they could make the dashboard for shopify owners mobile friendly, all the menu options are hidden underneath .... App itself though is performing very well so far. Been using it for a good few months now and functionality is great. I find it very slow to load though, and really drags on mobile devices so we have opted to simply not show the rewards tab via mobile. reducing our rating to 4 stars based on this and the fact that Im not so sure Sweet Tooth really has the apps plans straightened out for best performance and in the entire interests of their customers. Also, never seem to get a reply from Mike the CEO when we've emailed him. All that said though, its good as long as it keeps improving and if they listen to the users a little more.

    • Cute As A Button Su

      Why can't I give this app more than 5 stars, conspiracy? This app fits perfectly for our store and the first 500 customers free deal is a great way to get acquainted with the app. We mostly get most of our purchases through our Shopify Pos App so we needed a Loyalty Program that works well with that and our online store. They promised me that the app would be ready for my customers to spend their points in store mid June and they kept their word and delivered it in June, awesome! It is very easy to install and looks great on the pc and especially on your smartphone which is a must these days. We have seen an increase in sales and our customers are very excited when you offer them a rewards card! We also combine it with members only store sales, which are a huge success! I am anxiously waiting on the option to being able to spend points for a chosen charity to give something back to the less fortunate. Oh, they also have super duper fast and great customer service and can directly ask help from their devs, which I find a rarity. Keep up the awesome job, I have become a true raving fan of Sweet Tooth!

    • Yourgreatfinds

      I just set up the program and have not used it yet. I was frustrated with the set up, but Elli at customer service sure helped. I was about to just disconnect the app out of frustration and she cheerfully helped me through. You saved a customer Elli!! Awesome. Update: My customers love this! They are earning points and spending them. I like that during special events I can offer double points and manually give my customers their double points with a big thank you. This is a MUST HAVE for me! Thrilled with it. Update 1/28.17 I have been using the free option and here is the problem. The first upgrade is at 500 customers signed up and it is $60.00 per month. That is too expensive for me. Too big of a jump. There needs to be one in the $30 range. And, I find that people sign up and get their 200 points and then become inactive. I want to remove those people until I can afford this app but the sign up dates are inaccurate. Sweet Tooth, I am looking for another app because I'm almost to 500 customers. I hate to go, but what else can I do?

    • Fashionlandmarks

      I believe that this is the best app. for rewards program in Shopify app store. It contains many great functions and works as a best marketing tool for online business website. One thing I concern about this app is pricing. Average conversion rate of online business for purchasing is 1~3% visiting in general. If they charge $59.99 per month for up to 2,000 members and I assumed $10 for average transaction amount, then I will make $200 to $600 sales in a month. Many Shopify customers are paying for monthly subscription fees and other app fees as well and it would be very hard to make money paying $59.99 per month for small business owners. If this program targets high-end product market website which has over $50 average transaction. It would be great. This app is really great and awesome app for me but still the price is too high for me. I would like to suggest if they charge 1% fee of sales volume in their plan, it would be better option to all small business owners.

    • Vegetable And Butcher

      Definitely a "Best of Shopify" in our opinion. This app is OUTSTANDING, and not just because of the user-friendliness, awesome features or great functionality, but also because of the customer service. We've interacted primarily with Elli and Kellen, both of whom are absolute rock stars. They've been incredibly helpful and responsive, which is particularly helpful for new Shopify store owners who are busy trying to launch and grow a business. Elli even helped us design and build this beautiful explainer page :-) We highly recommend Sweet Tooth for anyone interested in an app that offers loyalty AND referral marketing, and for anyone who needs integration with both Shopify AND ReCharge. There aren't many apps on the market that integrate with both Shopify and ReCharge for referral marketing. In fact, outside of Sweet Tooth, we couldn't find one...