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  • SmartrMail - Personalized Email Marketing favorite

    We take the pain out of managing subscribers, creating emails, and deciding the best content to be sent to your best customers. Simply connect your Shopify Store and we start sending product emails to your customers.
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  • About SmartrMail - Personalized Email Marketing

    SmarrtMail sends out automatic emails with cross-sell product recommendations based on your customers, their past purchases and the products available in the store.

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    • Diabetic Warehouse

      BE AWARE! I decided to try this app because of the reviews so i download the app and after spending an hour customizing the settings i created a campaign and sent it to my customers but the email would not send. I wasn't even able to send a test email to myself so i emailed the developers and received a response a few hours later stating that my store had used this app before and due to their risk team i could not use it anymore, which was not true, this was the first time i downloaded their app and that is exactly what i told them but they just repeated the same thing about having several accounts in the past and giving them fraudulent credit card information. I have absolutely no idea as to why they think i have used them before but if they are in the habit of rejecting new customers with bogus claims that's their prerogative. BE AWARE!

    • H20able

      This app and the the people behind it are spectacular. The app is really simple, very user friendly, Nothing is hidden it is all right there in front of you. Plus it has everything you need to get your Email marketing done and done right. I installed it and then had some issues( not with this) but I couldn't use it. They double checked it and I got my 15 day trial back. Josh was the one who has helped me the whole time, and let me tell you he is one patient person. He stayed up late to help me install it, set it up, and then he himself helped design my emailer. I couldn't ask for more or a better Rep. He made a customer out of me! Highly recommend to anyone at any stage in Ecommerce!

    • Boutique Dandelion

      I just downloaded this app and it is very quick and easy to use. You can see how many emails have been sent, opened, and clicked on! Results are shown within a few seconds. Hopefully this will help boost sales for my store. I really wish there were more options to customize the email. The mix of top sellers and customer sales history is great but I rather choose a certain category in my store such as new arrivals to share. I definitely recommend trying this app. The Concierge Support is also very friendly and responsive!


      We have uses this app from almost the beginning. Developers have continued to make improvements and it is a must have if you want to put your email marketing on autopilot and generate sales. New features included with auto emails is the ability to select the frequency of the emails, date and time. We use the manual email function as well to send out special promotion. Must have app, our time is worth more than $20 per month and it pays for itself. Great customer service and developers are responsive.

    • Leah B. Boutique

      Haven't heard much feedback about this app. From the month I've had it, it's only produced 1 order. I almost think that with this app I am over-sending to my customers. Instead of being engaging, I think it just gets annoying and they disconnect. I like how it chooses products at random, however there are literally no customization options which leads me to believe that this is why customers are losing interest. All white with 4 pictures. Boring.