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  • Size Matters - Hassle-free Size Charts

    The Size Matters app allows you to create hassle-free size charts, that can easily be placed within product pages. Available for free!
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    • 420 Couture

      If you have a store selling ANYTHING that needs sizing then trust me - you NEED this app! I cannot express how much this app has helped me to create simple size charts that are easy to read and LOOK GREAT on my product pages. SO simple to install too - it has saved me literally hours of time. I had previously used the guide to making size charts that someone posted in a forum which was 'okay' but never really looked sleek even as a pop up. This app is WAAAAAY better than that. Thank you devs for creating this - I had been searching for a while for this type of app, so I'm sure that many other are too. Great Job! Check out one of our product pages to see it in action!

    • Via Luca

      You'd think there would be more apps like this for shopify. This one fits the size chart bill perfectly. Provides us with a super simple interface for adding custom size charts for our wide variety of vendors and product types. I reached out to the developer for support in hopes they would be able to provide some customizations to the app (in exchange for money). They emailed be back stating what I wanted could be done with the free app, and gave me the code necessary to do so, all within 24 hours. Thats the sort of service I'd expect from a paid app, not a free one. Great developers, Great app.

    • 16 West

      I followed the instructions on how to install the app and it didn't work. I contacted Shopify help and they said that I inserted it correctly and would work on fixing (re-coding) to see if that was the problem. They got back to me a day later and instructed me to contact the developers because it was a problem on their end. Once I contacted them, they replied and we exchanged a few emails to fix the problem. Evidently some changes had to be made to the code and I did insert the Size Matters code in an incorrect place. Matthew B. was very helpful with correcting this issue. Thanks!!

    • Posh Girl Us

      Thank you so much for all your help support installing the app we really appreciate it. Support was fast and went beyond we had a few problems with our custom theme but they fix it and now it works perfect. There is defiantly no size chart like it for shopify and a size chart like this is very necessary for any fashion store that carry different brands or type of garments where the size charts are different. Setting up all the different size charts were also very easy we were even able to do one for our custom made shoes. Thanks much

    • Karmakraze

      Excellent... Install was easy but there is a second step you have to take to place code into the product.liquid file. They don't make that very apparent. Should be a leading popup guide/tutorial or something. Anyways, got the code in the proper place. Worked Great. Louis helped me understand how to apply identical tags to 2 different sizing charts to display both a men's sizing chart and a women's sizing chart in the same popup box, with only one click on the product page. Excellent...