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  • Fablet by ShopPad

    Deliver a beautiful, flippable catalog when customers view your shop on an iPad. Increase sales by providing an optimized experience to the highly lucrative tablet audience.
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    • stuffz

      OMG , this app is unbelievable. I sell to the mobile technology market. So having this app as an option Day 1, was perfect for me . The guys at shopPad cannot be more helpful too in helping you to integrate the app into your store .. which is actually pretty easy anyway, but it allows you to get on with what you do best , which is run your main store. my store has seen a real uptake in traffic and the customers stay longer too !!! The guys at ShopPad are very helpful , and give you 100% help all the time ! I am UK based, yet they seem to answer me all the time , no matter what the time differences ... seriously , I recommend this app and it integrates perfectly. A must have for me !!! Martin -

    • Force 5 Lacrosse

      I wasn't even planning on implementing it. It was the weekend and I was just fooling around online and heard about it from a buddy that was over. Whenever that happens it usually means the rest of my weekend in front of the computer partially ignoring my wife and kids (not good). Instead this was implemented in about 5 minutes. It took a few minutes for the configuration to sync but no big thing. I am on the paid plan for the custom domain and branding (get rid of the watermark). This is a prime of example of how software is evolving to no coding necessary allowing us to focus on what matters. Sadly I did end up ignoring my wife and kids. My buddy and I went to the bar :).

    • Shameless Body Jewels

      I was such a dummie for getting this app. Got it a couple of years ago and stupid me, I didn't check to see how it looked on mobile. I worked and worked my store the last few years without seeing headway. Last week I checked to see how my store looked on mobile for the first time. It was horrible.It didn't look at all like it does on a computer. It had looked that way all this time! Bad news for me because most of my customers use mobile! It flips over to shoppad where there is no pattern for the layout and it is not at all user friendly'! My sales have increased since I removed it. If you get this you better have a look on your mobile and don't put it off like I did.

    • shopthreelittlebirds

      Just switched to Shopify about a month ago, and installed this app immediately. This app makes your small business standout BIG time. I have had tons of compliments on the appearance and ease of use from customers. I would've had to spend thousands to get a webpage developer to make a custom page that does what this does for my store's appearance on a mobile device. TWO thumbs up, for this app that has the ability to make a small store that's run out of your home look like one of the big dogs. My sales have increased tremendously! Thank you, Shoppad! The team is super easy to work with also, and have answered emails promptly! You won't regret installing this app!

    • Maren Larsen Galleries

      A mobile strategy in under 5 minutes -- seriously!!! It took me longer to create a logo that was the right size than it did to complete every other step! And the best part is, it doesn't look like a bland, typical mobile site with horizontal "mobile wikipedia-like" bars or most of the usual mobile-site tricks. It is heavily targeted to the iPad, and takes advantage of its abilities. Only one note - it is listed as free, and there is a free option, but most people will want the capabilities of the $14.99/month option. But that little "in-app purchase"-style swerve isn't even close to enough reason to give this app any rating other than perfect.