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  • ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions

    Shopify's #1 RATED SUBSCRIPTION APP - Only software offered BUILT EXCLUSIVELY for Shopify stores with physical products!
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  • About ReCharge Recurring Billing & Subscriptions

    ReCharge will help you handle recurring billing and will allow subscription on your website. This app is great if you want to sell subscription boxes. You will definitely have a boost in your sell by using the recurring billing.

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    • Nos Curieux Voyageurs

      I want to say that this is the first review I have ever written on the Shopify app store. I have used quite a lot of apps but have never felt the need to write a review, whereas here I feel practically obligated to write one after everything the ReCharge team has done for us. First of all, these guys just came out of nowhere a few weeks ago, right when we were ready to launch our site. We have tried all of the other subscription apps on the app store, and none of them could meet all of our requirements - we had a list of pros and cons for each app. While we would've had to settle for one of these options, ReCharge launched and saved us! Not only does their app fulfill all of our demands, but their customer service is... well you have excellent customer service, and then you have ReCharge customer service light years ahead. We had a lot of specific requests and they took the time through a ton of e-mails and multiple Skype calls to cater to all our needs. That right there is authentic proof that their customers' success is truly important to them! They had no obligation to do all they did, and they went well beyond what we could have expected. I would recommend ReCharge to anyone who wants to sell subscriptions. While other subscription apps have their pros and cons, ReCharge brings the total package!

    • Hackerboxes

      We migrated over 1000 customers from another subscription platform to ReCharge - along with international shipping issues, gift cards, non-stripe customers, one-time store items, and every other complicating factor one might expect. This was not going to be an easy feat in any case, but the migration team and support folks at ReCharge made it relatively painless and they were very patient with all of our questions and sticking points during the migration process. The result is great. We now have a fully-functioning Shopify solution and all of the benefits that entails. Our biggest "complaint" with ReCharge is that there is so much flexibility and functionality that sometimes we didn't even realize that we could customize something to exactly what we wanted until the support team pointed out an option to do so. This app is full of smart design and they offer excellent support in our experience. If you are starting a recurring business model, ReCharge is a no-brainer, just do it. If you are migrating like we did, expect that it isn't the simplest thing in the world (how could it be?) but that ReCharge will help you make it happen. Thank you ReCharge!

    • The Vintage Beard Company

      The app functions as promised. We acquired a little over 40 subscribers on average in just a few months. It turned out though, most of these just wanted the initial discount for signing up and then just wanted to cancel. It would be nice if this app had a function to allow customers to pay full price on the initial order and receive discounts on future orders. This would help entice more serious subscribers opposed to those just looking for a quick discount. All in all the app functions well, but we found giving a discount for subscribing was the only way to get subscribers, so we don't really see a need to offer subscriptions without any discount, so we will likely be removing the app since 95% of subscribers just want to take advantage of the discount. We'd recommend trying it if you think you can make it work for your business, as the app and company seem to be legitimate. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars because of the admin headache dealing with multiple daily customers pretending they never signed up wanting to cancel, and lack of more detailed functions in the app.

    • Reallycoolcoffee

      On the very plus side - the app is relatively easy to use and we like that you can have some recurring and some one-time billing offers. On the 'things to be aware of side' - once installed your thank you page changes so tracking orders, especially with funnels in google, requires some tweaking. We had a problem with this and could not resolve it until the support staff stepped in and fixed it for us - another strong plus for this app/group. Also to be aware of is the abandoned cart feature. While this is free and comes stock with Shopify, once the Recharge app is installed, the stock abandoned cart feature no longer works because your thank you page is off site where this data is collected. The workaround is to install another app that comes with a monthly charge and takes a percentage of the reclaimed orders - not cool. Recharge could develop this and offer it for free - that would be very cool - and smart, but until then we will continue to benefit from the good things this app brings.

    • Elizabeth's Flowers

      Review ReCharge has some amazing features I never thought would be possible with Shopify. My small floral design business is now able to: - Offer a subscription feature which enables customers to order floral arrangements on a recurring (weekly or monthly) basis. This increases our business and makes for a simple and easy user experience for the busy Bay Area customer. - Organize and manage recurring corporate accounts without using a paper snail -mail invoicing system. - Charge customers automatically. Without the app, I had to input recurring orders manually on a credit card machine or send out invoices via mail or e-mail and wait for a check to arrive. - Embrace a subscription model, which is the future of floral sales in a tough market. Customer service is top-notch. Clayton was incredibly helpful in consulting with me about my business and walking me through the installation process. He was incredibly professional and even wrote hard code for a custom feature I requested.