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    Powerful drag and drop page builder. Unlimited landing pages, product pages, and blog pages. Works for any theme. Top rated. Free trial!
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  • About Shogun Drag & Drop Page Builder

    Shogun is a tool to help you build customized web pages without the need of any coding skills. Their drag and drop feature allows you to finally built that perfect webpage you've always dreamed of. Definitely a time saver in the process of building your website.

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    • Christisimmons

      I've been impressed with all the updates and the awesome customer service and customization guidance by the developers of this software. Typically 3rd party vendors and plugin developers honestly are not keen on supporting intergrated functionality like Shogun has. I know Shopify has a learning curve, but you've made the process of have a full ecommerce solution on the back-end... and designing a high quality front-end website much more fluid. As we know, ecommerce is not really meant for web development... or dynamic content for that matter... giving the fact that there are dozens of complex fuctions taking place to make purchasing easier. With your application, users can merge the two easily. Pages created in Shogun are seamlessly added to the Shopify admin, with fonts, styles and navigation. I love how my theme's header and footer are dynamically inserted automatically upon page creation. I don't have to comment out code or remove references, and changing my homepage from a created page was extremely simple. You've created to the perfect plugin/designer so even beginners can have a top-notch front-end and sell products with style and class. I really appreciate your timely responses to dev questions and I've been recommending your app to other developers. Great job!

    • Looseleafteamarket

      This app is goddam amazing. I've been an amateur "developer" for in I'm a business owner who loves tech stuff. I highly recommend this app because of the developer's understanding of what is important in design. Design is about color, contrast, balance, and composition. No other app or tool I've found gives the awesome precision control of positioning elements, boxes, and containers. Having such control over margin and padding alone, with the brilliant drag and drop builder, makes this app top of the line. And, their support is great. The 2 owners themselves field the tickets and respond and help you. There's also great tutorials that show you some neat tricks which are especially important for people like me who know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to really nail it. I'm finally becoming happy with my designs because of this app and my partner's awesome photography. Support these guys!

    • Fenixue

      The team at Shogun is nothing short of amazing. I can't believe how easy it is to stylize and customize elements. I have used other programs to play with how I like my pages, blogs, and products to look and none of the interfaces are as intuitive as this program. When I didn't understand how to execute a complex task, I e-mailed the support team to ask them about my ideas. Not only did they brainstorm with me to help, but they created examples, sent me combinations of video tutorials, and provided detailed explanations of my next steps. Best of all, they didn't laugh at my lack of coding knowledge and were very patient with me during questions I had that were difficult to explain over an e-mail. I am so happy to be using this app for years to come and I highly recommend it to any shop owner whose favorite thing to do is stylize their shop elements!

    • Natures Blueprint

      GREAT APP! One of the only apps that actually does what it says it will do, and is worth the price. Most apps say in the description "The sky's the limit" to customizations or what-not-then you install it, and find out you can change 1 color or 1 shape. NOT SO WITH THIS APP! I find new stuff I can do with Shogun everytime I use it. It takes a little to get used to, but once you do. Way better than trying to communicate to a high priced developer what you are trying to have your web page look like. In the time it takes to tell the developer what you want, you could have gone in Shogun and made 10 pages already :) Needed some help with a jump link, and Nick & Finbarr helped me out that day-NOT a week later, so support is good too! All around very happy with it. Thanks guys! P.S. Shopify should really have this ability as part of their package.

    • Urban Gilt

      Shogun is easily the best website decision we've made so far. From the incredible customer support to the easy to use page builder, we've been blown away by the improved look and feel of our pages. Why Shopify have such uninspiring OOTB pages I don't know, but Shogun have saved the day and we're super happy. It's taken a little time to get to grips with all the nuances, but it's all been worth it and considering how much functionality there is within the page builder, it's testament to Shogun that it's this easy. After using a variety of apps to design other website aspects (pop-ups, etc), Shogun has hands down been the easiest with the others being painful in comparison. Thanks so much to Nick and Finbarr for their endless patience and support and keep up the awesome work guys! :)