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  • Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace favorite

    Shoelace makes retargeting easy! Turn your visitors into shoppers and take advantage of the Facebook pixel's superpowers! Retarget!
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  • About Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace

    Shoelace transforms unefficient regular retargeting campaign into a powerful "journey" retargeting using your Facebook Pixel and FacebookAds. This app suggests and set-up a sequence of ad experiences designed to combat ad fatigue and to re-engage your visitors after they leave your website. Using Shoelace is exactly as drawing your website visitor journey on a black board with an expert next to you. Shoelace will improve your retargeting campaign ROI.

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    Shoelace integrates with some of your favorite apps (Like MailChimp, Fomo, Conversio and others) to super-charge your retargeting campaigns.

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    • Sonata Elise Boutique

      Not one sale was made from this app and I used it for 2 straight months. I even offered an incentive (free shipping over a specified amount which is my average order amount anyway). All my sales came through ads I created on my own. There are times when I would see the ads created from this app on facebook and they would show me random products that I know I wasn't even looking at. I contacted support about it and was told to offer a discount(something I was already doing). Claimed the ads did show the customer what they were viewing and they gave me a link to a blog article to read. They didn't really seem to be interested in offering help. Basically "give it a discount, your observation is wrong, and read this article..."

    • Fifthandmaple

      Shoelace is the real deal! If retargeting isn't your strong suit, or you just don't have the time to spend on it, you need Shoelace. I've tried other retargeting services, and nothing else even comes close. In my first week, I brought back several visitors and made four sales on a retargeting budget of $2.50/day. With my average sale being about $45, I saw a ROAS of....a lot. I suppose it was around 800%. Just be certain to drive steady traffic, otherwise even with a low budget, the frequency score on your ads will go way up and you'll probably start irritating your customers. That's not the fault of Shoelace, but it's definitely worth mentioning for anyone interested in getting started with it.

    • Just Riding New Store 2017

      We have been using shoelace for around 2.5 years I guess, we used them on our old store and then again now on our re-developed and updated store. I have to say without shoelace we simply would not be in the position we are in as a company, the extra income we have made which can be attributed directly to shoelace is huge! We have been able to employ additional staff members thanks solely to the extra income we have from shoelace. We tried to go directly to one of these "facebook ad" gurus a few months back and they wanted $700 a month, to start with! the value we get back from shoelace is incredible our ROI is massive. We are very, very happy customers!

    • Shine Mirrors Aus

      This is our experience with Shoelace: - Already had a few sales in the first couple of weeks thanks to Shoelace, with very little ad spend on Facebook retargeting, and with no effort on our end apart from installing the app and creating our message. - Very helpful personalised customer service and they go the extra mile to show us how the app works to our benefit. - Always responsive to messages and show they care and interested in us succeeding with our campaigns. - Great intuitive interface and simple to use. - Really like the auto campaign suggestions.

    • Atomic Jane Clothing

      This is everything the other reviews say it is. The proof is in the numbers. We spent 69.00 from 1/01 through 1/07 and received total sales on this app of $741.00. Every week that we've been with them, approx 4 weeks now, we've seen these kinds of returns. We've now increased the ad spend and look forward to even more returns. Finally, customer support is over the top. All of our message are answered very very quickly and these guys will also jump onto a call if need be. Superb in every aspect of their business and their performance. Thank you Reza!!