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  • Delivery notifications by Shipup favorite

    Turn your delivery issues into customer success by sending pro-active notifications during delivery.
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  • About Delivery notifications by Shipup

    Shipup tracks your packages in real time and sends proactive notifications to your customers during delivery. Notifying a customer about what's happening is a great way to keep them happy, informed and able to react. Shipup will increase your customer's loyalty to your brand and prevent your most unhappy customers to slip under the radar.

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    • Les Sublimes

      We've been using Ship Up for a few months now. The setup experience was super easy and they were available immediately for chat support on their website, since we had a few questions about customization. As an online retailer we have struggled with shipments getting to the customer, especially internationally, so Ship Up has been a huge help to us, preventing delays, returns to sender and notifying a customer about what's happening in order to keep them happy, informed and able to react. An excellent app for any business shipping product!!! Would highly recommend.

    • Drinkpanda

      ShipUp clearly saved us a lot of time and made our customers happy. We and our customers love their notification e-mails and text messages. Moreover, the interface is really intuitive, easy to use and customer support is amazing! I can only recommend this app! Thank you ShipUp!

    • Perus

      Shipup allows me to gain a lot of time in customer service. I also have a lot of great feedbacks from our customers who are very sensitive to these extra delivery notifications

    • Ubuywerush

      trouble signup once signup authentication failed try register says account existed try reset password says account not found

    • Cremieux

      Easy to navigate, fast to personalize, reliable & fully operational in minutes!