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  • ShipStation

    Powerful web-based, multi carrier shipping for Shopify sellers. Integrates with 40+ selling platforms. Supports USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, and FBA
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    • Latched Mama

      I've been meaning to write this review for a little while now, but like any good love story, taking the time to come up for air has been hard. Also like any other crazy love story, all that comes to mind when I think about Shipstation is a bunch of corny cliches. I'm a stay at home mom of two little boys and started my own clothing line for new moms. I was sending a couple of orders a week to friends and family by going to the post office. Business picked up to four or five orders a week and I started printing shipping online. Then we ran our first ad on Facebook and things took off. Shipstation no joke changed my life. I have managed to keep up with over 200 orders a week (and keep my babies alive) by using the program. I can even make scrambled eggs and print postage at the same time. I can't get over how easily it works alongside Shopify and how easy it is to learn how how to use. Seriously if you are using anything else right now, stop- and bring Shipstation on board. Sometimes at the end of the night when I go to sleep all caught up on orders, I send a little virtual hug to Texas. Seriously, my company would still be a little hobby if it wasn't for Shipstation.

    • Whiskey Media

      The ShipStation app is even better than I could have hoped for! Before we started using ShipStation, our fulfillment process was convoluted and every program we tried was unreliable. These guys have managed to put together an app that incorporates all of our necessary functions and introduced me to some I didn’t even think possible. Since transitioning from Endicia to ShipStation, our efficiency level has skyrocketed 300% and it’s ease of use has been critical in cross-training staff. What’s even better than the app itself? The customer service you get along with it! Byron and Jason are awesome!! These guys walked me through every hiccup and “user error” until I finally got it. They are always helpful and, if they didn’t have an answer right away (which was rare), they made sure to get it as quickly as they could. Working in shipping and fulfillment you understand how frustrating it can be to sit on the phone with useless customer service reps, but these guys are a blessing. On a side note, I am stoked that FedEx is now included!! The only down-side to this program and these guys have already remedied it!

    • Princess Peach Designs

      I see I'm not the only one. The app isn't working. You cant do a "end of day". I FINALLY got a response from their customer service that suggested a use Chrome in stead of Safari... and it didn't change. You cant close off the shipments anymore, and its not an error on my end. Now they don't even respond. So if you have printed off 50 shipments, and cant even close off... its a complete waste of time. UPDATE: They finally fixed the problem, took a good week.... but its working now. They did apologize for not responding and they did fix the problem so that the app works for me now. UPDATE AGAIN: after a few days of working, the app isnt working again... and im getting ZERO response from their customer service team. Not even a basic "we are looking into it"... nothing. After printing dozens of labels, i now have to re-print them else where manually, and email each customer their new tracking. So much for a time saver!

    • Mediderm

      I initially put in one star because of the issues we had connecting shopify with shipstation, the orders were not importing into shipstation and for months we didn't know what to do, talked with shipstation many times but nothing, until we contacted shopify to help us and that was the major turning point, the guys at shopify didn't settle until they fixed the issue and found us someone that does have great experience at shipstation, talk about a great great partners work :). What we found out is that on the checkout setting on shopify the automatically fulfill order lines item was checked that what created all issues. We right now have connected shipstation with Jet, Wal-Mart, amazon (for FBM), ebay and finally shopify, all working pretty good. What I like most about the whole thing is that the customer service for both shipstation and shopify when both worked together is 10 stars.

    • Saltwater Canvas Mesh Bags

      I looked for a long time for a program like Shipstation. We were constantly making errors and awkwardly trying to ship, print packing slips, and usually missed several orders a week, and got many angry cancellations. Shipstation communicates orders directly to me and to my fulfillment company. I check orders in the morning, see how various shipping methods have been automatically applied, I can change a shipping speed, add a note, add a colored label to indicate a rush, or hold an order if a customer has a last minute change. Order cancellations are easy, and done by the time the fulfillment company fills the orders at 8:30. We make no more mistakes. I would recommend shipstation to anyone who does shipping of any size packages. The support is also friendly and thorough, with no attitude. There are also good videos for when you first begin.