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  • Shippo

    Print shipping labels for Shopify and other sites from one place. Access discounted USPS rates and connect with 20+ global carriers
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    • Carrie Bloedel

      After using the app for 2 weeks, I have encountered a label printing error and the management going back on its word. I was told they have a meet or beat pricing policy. I provided a lower shipping price for a particular box (and there are others). I was then told that it's an informal policy and they couldn't possibly match the price I provided. They also tried to tell me that it was an outdated price. When I insisted it wasn't, I was told that they can't possibly compete with a large, global company's rate and that I should understand as a small business person. I find it really reprehensible that a company doesn't honor its word - particularly since they are the ones who informed me of the meet or beat pricing policy. Moreover, I find it really manipulative that they then try to guilt me into giving them a pass by playing the "small business card." I have now had to involve Shopify and am waiting to hear from Shopify on how this is going to be resolved. If we can't trust the integrity and word of 3rd party app providers as store operators, I don't think they should be offering their services. User be forewarned that this company has absolutely no intention of honoring their so called "meet or beat" policy. They only have such a policy because they never expected they'd actually have to honor it. By the way the statement above, "We have the best discounted rates on USPS, hands down" is clearly false advertising. If this is how I treated my customers, I wouldn't have any.

    • Jjsgems

      Well I just got to use the Shippo today and had a little learning curve - however it is so very simple actually. Once I got on to how it works - I breezed right through it without a stumble. When I emailed for help, I got a really prompt answer from a nice gal who gave me all the information I needed. What a great help she was, too. Even after listening to the video and reading the instructions, I wasn't quite sure I was doing this right and found out I wasn't - but she very quickly led me down the right path. This program is so neat - not only does it give you a label - nice big one with tracking number - but it also can give you an order page for receipt plus a second label for your customer - preaddressed and postage for returning their order should they have to. All with just a couple of clicks on the buttons. You can also choose to have Shopify send them a shipping email with the customer's tracking number on it and everything else they should need. It's free and all you have to do is pay postage which was very reasonable. You won't be disappointed.

    • TexasRoots

      The search for cheap & easy shipping ends here! One of my struggles in starting an online boutique has always been finding the best shipping method. This application allows you to compare the shipping costs for each individual package from all four big shot carriers that dominate the delivery market (FedEx, UPS, TNT, & DHL) but also the smaller, local shipping providers. I have never been so excited over an app before, this one makes shipping a breeze. There are no commitments if you just want to try it out, you will only be charged after you have purchased a shipping label. I've done a lot of research and have compared several companies that provide this same service but none have met the awesome benefits and low cost service this one does. The customer service I have received has been outstanding, both friendly and helpful. I had an error printing one label because I provided an incorrect shipping address and received an e-mail containing the issue and solution a few minutes later. You will love Shippo, give it a try!

    • Prestons Insect Farm

      It seems like we live in a instant world nowadays. There's just no time and because of that pressure, we need answers quickly. Well, I found myself in that place the other day using Shippo. Being new to use Shippo, I had a question, but I was concerned as I thought, I will have to wait for sure for at least 24 hours before someone answers me. What should I do? I used the chat and to my surpirse, I got an answer within minutes. Then I had another question and again another answer. Each one of my questions were answered promptly which provided the needed help. I would definitely recommend Shippo. I have easily created labels and so much of the work is done for you which just makes our job easier. And regarding the pricing, again pleasantly surprised. A+ to Shippo. Thank you for your help.

    • Familyshoppingstore

      Yes! Yes! ...I definitely recommend Shippo. It was so easy to install (less than 5 minutes) and very easy to use. No guess work-no headaches; trying to make it work or how to use it. It looked at my open order and prompt me through a series of questions and produced a label ready to print from my desktop printer. After I mailed my package, I checked Shippo only to see Shippo had already started tracking my package. How great is that. All I had left to do was to input the tracking number to my customer's email. It was my first online order and Shippo took the problem I was having from another app into a "no worries" experience. Shippo did not make false promises. I haven't been asked by them yet for a review, but I wanted other Shopify Newbies to know about this app.