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    SEO Image Optimizer - Increase traffic from Google Image search by automatically generating ALT tags for your products images for FREE!
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    Missing out on Sales from Google Image Search? This is a key channel most stores neglect. Don't fall into the same trap. Install SEO Image Optimizer and improve your SEO setup in less than 2 minutes.

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    • Nw Custom Kratom

      I had never written any code, built any kind of website, or really considered myself able to do so at a highly effective level. I just didn't think it was possible without years of studying. When I decided to use Shopify, I was in the first week of starting my online business from scratch, and was feeling very overwhelmed. As soon as I joined, I saw just how customizable their different templates were, and I know if I can do it, anyone...literally anyone from 8-80 years old can use Shopify with zero experience on a computer. Visit my site,! I would love any feedback, and will give anyone who reads this 25% off, on top of other discounts and deals! Thank you! -Alan Conrad (714) 609-5877

    • Mystaybowl

      I have only just loaded this so I can't comment on the impact this will have or not. It simply takes the heading of the product and puts it into the alt description of photo's related to that product. That being said it was easy to load and within 20 min it seemed to put the description into all photo's on the products. Something I hadn't bothered to do. This alone probably saved me several hours of effort and I have a small store of some 20 products and collections with lots of pictures. I like that it will update weekly so if I add product photo's they will be captured weekly. Again, super easy to load and set up. I'll report back in 30 days and see if SEO had positive impact or not.

    • Barstool Boutique

      I spent a few months uploading thousands of products to create the perfect store. The only problem was...all my photos didn't have ALT tags! As I contemplated suicide in the face of the remedial task that lay ahead, I did a search to see if there was something that could automate the task? And there was! SEO Image did this all for FREE. It was the biggest no brainer I could think of. With the click of a button, every product image was named: "[vendor] [product]_[product type] - [my store name]". Yes!!!

    • Horse Feathers Trading Company

      I always look at images and compare. Sometimes glancing at an item and seeing others to compare it to is a good ting, this gives me a broader view of something that I am interested in. I use images a lot on Google when it comes to plants, it's a great help. I am hoping that our store shows up on images because I know that there are people like me out there. Also when you are a very small shop and your advertising bucks are limited this is a good start and a great help.

    • Vanity Fragrance

      Very useful app just had it installed on our estore and it does just what it says it does. I would have given it a five star but due to the fact that it only offers just one component of the the many seo variables I think there is room to do even more. Imagine having to install multiple apps for every single seo variable. I would recommend this app all estores need imaga optimization to improve their seo placement. thank you guys great work!!!