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  • Smart Search & Instant Search

    Advanced search by products, categories, and pages + Navigation. Instant search suggestions, “did you mean” hints, and autocorrection.
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    • Acubest

      Easily one of the most valuable apps we added to our site. The original Shopify search is terribly lacking: sometimes completely missing the item searched for or totally obscuring it by flooding the results with unrelated items. It might be okay for sites with smaller inventories, but it can be a mess when you've got a few thousand items and variations like we do. Smart Search (Searchanise) has tons of features and options and makes search results efficient and more importantly, relevant. There were a few things it lacked when we first started using it but most of it has been addressed with updates. And for the subscription price, it is totally worth it.

    • The Mystic Jewel

      This app is great! It is very simple to set up in your store. You can easily customize a lot of aspects of the appearance of your search results pages such as colors and the descriptive text for your fields. The search works fast and has a great look that is not too intrusive on your page. I picked this app because it has all of the features I am looking for at a reasonable monthly rate. I have over 4,000 items in my store, some made with gemstones and minerals which are hard to spell. This app provides excellent suggestions when a customer is trying to spell certain words, based on my tags, products and pages.

    • Loving Essential Oils

      This app has helped my store get much better searches for my customers. I found this app after realizing that my customers were searching for blog posts but they couldn't find them because my store theme search bar only searched the products I had listed. This left my customers disappointed and more than likely they left my store. This app will bring up products, blog posts and even pages!! I love that about this app since I use blog posts to help with traffic, it was a must for my search bar to find what my customers were looking for. Thank you for the great app. Support was also wonderful and responsive!

    • Yourdiabeticsupplier

      Review for - This website search app is useful and definitely priced affordably compared to a few of the other top "Search" apps. It has a lot of customization features on the back end and another great thing is that the format in which it lays out the search results is a plus because it gives a lot of different filter options for the visitors. It suggests the correct products and also has its own algorithm based on previous searches and relevant pages/categories. It has definitely helped my site and with visitors converting to customers.

    • Ydssupplier

      This product and content search app is really a great addition to our website. It helps customers when they want to search for certain products, articles, pages, or any other possible information. The layout is among the best apps on the market. You can also customize everything about the design, function, and overall performance. I would definitely recommend this app compared to the others for all the reasons I posted above and not to mention the price is affordable and far cheaper than a few of the other competitors.