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  • Sales Pop by Beeketing favorite

    Real-time notifications of recent sales to create a sense of urgency and buying confidence. Boost sales and increase customer experience.
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  • About Sales Pop by Beeketing

    Sales Pop triggers popup showing your visitors the previous sales that where made on your website. When they see the popup, your visitors will to buy the product they have selected will increase. It is a great way to convert a one time visitor into a first time buyer. Sales Pop has also a great impact on the amount of your carts.

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    It is free and easy to use !

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    • Dh Second Hand Store

      This app is great, just one feature missing that would really speed up work flow. Add the ability to create a custom list of cities and states and batch auto add to all products or specific catalogs. This would help boost sales on a brand new store that has no sales and reduce the need of such of a store from having to manually add hundreds of their own items to this list. So just to re-iterate right now you can add each product individually to a list of city and state "ghost purchases" but it should be other way around, you add city and state to entire catalog or all products in just a click. You could add filters as well to help people refine their auto adds even more.

    • Fifthandmaple

      Social proof is a major selling point! Another awesome thing about this app is that if my customers land on my page with intent to only look at one product, they may end up seeing something else they're interested in with the little popup in the corner, which could keep them around longer. As an online shopper and a relatively new ecommerce business owner, I know what customers look for in an online store. This is a feature that I'd always really liked seeing in other stores, even before I had one of my own. I'm really excited that it's free, too. I can't say enough great things about it. Thanks, Beekeeting, y'all are seriously awesome.

    • Aworkofheart

      I REALLY like the app. It's amazing that it's free! It creates social proof for any store, and I think that's great. I'm ONLY giving it 3 stars because they only show CITY and COUNTRY when people purchase. Like whaaaaaa? So & so from Mt. Pleasant, United States just hard would it be to implement the copying of the state information at checkout? This is a MUST for this app! I would pay for this app if it would change that ONE feature. AND I would come back and change my rating to 5 stars. PLEASE UPDATE!

    • Patchesrus

      Pop up occurs every 10 seconds, and does not seem legitimate to me as a customer who looks at a store and sees consistent notification each and every 10 seconds, there is not genuine nature surround this type of notification. In fact I would go as far as to say that when someone is on a mobile device, a precise 10 second repetitive popup will drive people off the page, regardless of whether they can click the close or not... its ok, just not for us....but hey if what FREE then what can you expect right.

    • Happy Day Christian Apparel

      Just launched. The custom notifications I made seem to be working. I don't have sales yet, but when I do I will update. I thought the pop ups would occur on just the product page but they appear on whatever page you are viewing. The mobile format the text is squished and the line continuity is broken as a result where the product description is long, but line breaks are not horrible. I wish there was a way to customize the color of the template. However black or white will work with most sites.