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  • S Loyalty - Rewards and Loyalty Program favorite

    Grow customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases with our loyalty program designed for Shopify. Customize rewards to encourage customers to come back using one-time Shopify discount codes.
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  • About S Loyalty - Rewards and Loyalty Program

    Design rewards that will delight your customers. Set your own custom redemption levels, and choose between multiple types of rewards.
    Easily run branded campaigns for accelerated loyalty point earning. Schedule events and offer points to encourage customers to come back and shop.
    Offer awesome personalized loyalty program experiences such as custom bonuses and meaningful onsite messages to each individual customer, new and returning.

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    • Two Crows for Joy

      We had a rewards program on my old shopping cart system, so I was relieved to find this app when we moved to Shopify. The team was responsive to my questions, and fixed a bug immediately that was making the widget not show up on iPads (now it shows up). I like the flexibility in offering different kinds of rewards. The rewards come as coupon codes, which is different from my old system (where the rewards could be applied at checkout like a method of payment), causing some of my customers to complain that before they used to be able to use a coupon code AND their reward points in the same transaction, and now they can't. So I'd love to see an option to use rewards points as a payment method someday! I'd also love if in the future there was an option to not have the widget be on the screen the whole time -- to have a URL instead of the widget, or have the rewards program integrated into the customer's account page. This is important because the widget doesn't show up on small mobile screens, so customers can't access their rewards info from their phones (but the team says that is coming soon). One feature this has that my old system didn't is the ability to send reminders that they have rewards waiting to be redeemed. All in all, I'm really pleased with this system.

    • Sportexpress Co Za

      An excellent and easy to set up system. I like th interface. The 14 day trial period is just too short to get a feel if it will work. The problem is that you now have customers wiith an expectation of rewards - but we believe it will work. I like the fact that you can go back and award poits to past customers. It would have been great if you could have sent them an immediate email saying that they have been awarded points. We also received some free support frum the S loyatly team who made our widget look smarter and included our logo in the reward tab - great support and help - Thank you! We have also advertised the programme in a newsletter to customers. We have seen an increase in our online sales and believe it will continue, For us it is now about leveraging the flexibility of the loyalty points system to build a loyal buying customer base.

    • 4 Paws Pet Stuff

      Great product, easy to use and set up. the only thing that stops me from giving it a 5 star rating is the fan builder. it would be nice if you could choose if you want people to like your social media pages and/or provide an email. I would like it to be geared more towards building a social audience and not just collecting emails from people. Most people have been putting in just an email address and never liking our engaging with our social media pages. It would also be nice if you could delete coupon codes from the system on your own once created. And the only other thing would be helpful is if this linked up to mailchimp when you do get emails so they can get added to a list, it does not however. Still, with that said, this is a really, really good product.

    • Arnav & Co.

      The installation was straightforward and hassle-free. I like the loyalty widget and app for making the job of running a rewards program simple. The fan-builder and refer-a-friend app were not as useful for me as they didn't covert customers very well for me. This may be very specific to my store though, not a fault of the app itself. The downside to the app is the lack of customisation. The basic widgets colours do not work with my website and nor does it use neutral colours. I would really like to customise it, but the plan that allows such customisation is far too expensive. That's the reason for the four stars and not five.

    • German Soap Box

      As a small business I debated as to which Loyalty Program to use. I really like S Loyalty for the customized graphic that you can place into the loyalty tab window - that really helps to streamline your branding. Unfortunately, with the basic intro plan you can only offer a fixed dollar amount off or a set %; no points for Facebook sharing, Facebook/Tweeter likes, referrals or birthday rewards. I ultimately decided on SweetTooth as their intro plan is free for the first 500 customer accounts. S Loyalty looks GREAT on your site (you can even customize the look of the tab) but ultimately I had to vote with my budget in mind.