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  • ROI Hunter Easy Retargeting

    Drive more sales with ads on Facebook and Google AdWords. Fully automated advanced retargeting strategies. 60 seconds to set up. Easy to use
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    • Swimsuit 2

      We have launched our store couple of months ago and since this app is installed, sales have gone up beyond our expectations. This is the only app in Shopify we could find that will enable you to create feed for Google dynamic remarketing in just a few clicks and it works amazingly simple. Everything depends on the budget you set up. If you add more budget, it will reach new audiences (low budget = add to cart only, higher budget = viewed products as well). Good ROI on this app! The app also has great support.

    • Knotten

      This is a very useful app, especially if you are starting and don't have the knowledge or resources to setup Google Remarketing yourself. Be careful with the budget, slowly raise it day by day till your satisfied with the results.

    • Creamcornwall

      we installed this a few days ago and set a small budget. So far we have had 5 sales with a high value and are really,really pleased! Great customer support as well, very quick and helpful.

    • Madera Ph

      Love the platform and you see results in Adwords reporting! Thanks for this i know this wil help me in marketing aspect. I have contacted support. I hope you reply as well

    • Globalseafoods

      Down loaded 7 days ago, so far no single click. I will wait for few more days and if no action will just remove app. Support does not help at all so far.