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  • RewardStream Referrals

    Refer-a-friend programs that setup easily and scale massively. Enterprise-class customer service and support.
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    • Oricanoe

      WOW... extremely well designed and powerful referral app! Not sure why RewardStream has currently only two reviews. Probably just became available on Shopify. I've tried several other referral apps last week (some of them were $200/mo to get the customization options I need) and had to cancel them due to lack of basic functions that I need. We have $50/mo plan and It allows us to customize almost everything - floating button, landing page, various emails, etc.

    • Zestytech

      I have to say, this is support that our customers expect from us. Quick, accurate and friendly. I really am very happy to recommend them, even just for the support.

    • Minnierose2017

      Saw that International Day of Friendship was a week away and decided to run a referral promotion. Used RewardStream and got it done the same day.

    • On Baggu

      Great referral app that's easy to install & set-up. The RewardStream team has been very helpful and supportive.

    • C Beanbags

      Amazing support from the RewardStream team. Thanks to the team for helping me get set up.