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  • Returns Manager by Bold

    Did you know 91% of customers consider your return policy before ordering? This Returns Manager app can help you keep those customers!
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    • Soleil Blue

      We we're REALLY excited to find this app. It has a lot of cool features. Our entire office was ecstatic. We imagined a life free of so many of the returns headaches we had experienced over the years. We thought how amazing it would be to free up some of our time that we normally spent dealing with return questions & Return Authorization emails etc. BUT our excitement quickly turned to major disappointment when we finally got it all set up. We received a request from a customer who had multiple items on one order that she wanted to return. Sure no problem! Then we saw the flaw. A MAJOR FLAW. You have to issue a separate RA number for each item on the order. The RA number is also sent via a separate email. So, if one customer returns 10 items from an order, they will receive 10 different RA numbers and 10 different emails. This was a deal-breaker for us. Not only does it make our store look dumb, but it's confusing to our customers. What happens when we get the items and and mark them received? Does the customer then get 10 emails stating the items were received? And then another 10 emails when they receive an update on the refund being processed? We contacted BOLD support and while we received a very quick response, they did not have a solution for us. They told us they have had other complaints on the topic, but do not have any immediate plans to fix it. So, for now we're going to uninstall. If they ever fix it, we'll be back! Please fix this. I beg you. It's such a cool app, but with the multiple item issues, it's completely useless to us.

    • Dejavu Shop Online

      This review is mostly to make you notice this. I've tried to contact the customer service but I didn't receive and answer. First of all, since I started to use it you didn't make any changing in the app. As a result, the app is very slow and makes the whole return process even more difficult. There's no option to select more requests at the same time. if I want to accept 5 requests from one customer all in one, I can't do it! I have to do it manually for every request and this takes time. I can't also change the status of a return all together. There should be also two dates on the app: one should be the date of the request submission and the other one the date when the request was accepted. This would help my work very much because the app, as it is now, has to be used with an excel file so that I can write when the request has been accepted. I'm telling you this because sometimes it can happen that we don't accept the request the same day. Our return policy says that the return request is valid since the acceptance day. This update will help a lot of other companies that use your app. You should also give the possibility to view the returns for each month, this will also help me a lot because if I have to look for a return in the list I have to see 50 pages of returns. Not every customers complete the return process. We delete the old return request if more than 2 months are passed but right now it’s impossible to look for the newest returns in the list. Also there’s no option for importing it as a CSV, am I right?

    • Sonsoflondon

      The basic functionality works but the feature set is seriously limited, buggy and Bold seem unwilling to make even minor improvements. So far we've had problems with the following: 1) Hotmail customers do not receive the email notifications (e.g. return approval) from Bold as it seems the Bold email servers are blacklisted or for some other reason trigger spam filters 2) Unable to export return data for analysis which really undermines the product as we are unable to extract the return data to analyse and learn from it. How hard is it to export to CSV? 3) You can't search for a return by order number. There's a search function but It just doesn't work. So you have to scroll through all your returns to try find a particular item. In summary, it kind of works, but with issues and limitations that Bold seem unwilling to even try to resolve.


      A solid RMA app was much needed for Shopify and I'm happy to say this one covers all the bases! Bold is the leading Shopify App maker for a reason and they have yet to disappoint. We run a few different brands across multiple platforms including Magento and compared to the costly solution we use on those stores, this measures up well! Give yourself a couple hours to thoroughly explore all the options in this app. Run a test return for yourself and make sure all the language is exactly how you want it (this took me the most time) given the email that will be triggered.

    • Osloh Bicycle Jeans

      The app works, sort of. I had some issues with CSS and was totally unable to get ahold of their support team for any real help. They took 3 weeks to tell me that they didn't know what to do. I had to go in and fix their CSS on my own, and now I am having other issues with the app and they are completely un-responsive. I have called, emailed multiple people and tried really hard to get the issue resolved. If you are ok with problems on your site lasting for indefinite periods of time, and a complete lack of response from their support team, then this app might be ok.