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  • ReloadSEO

    Get found and rank higher in the search engines with your store. SEO optimize the content of your products and collections with ReloadSEO.
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    Content is more important than ever for your Shopify store, and it should be. With your content optimized by ReloadSEO for the search engines you will rank higher, attract more visitors and generate more revenue.

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    • Lola Penelopes 2

      This app is great. It's helped organize the store a lot. We've had so many different uses update our site over the last few years and it was hard to keep track of what needed Meta Titles, Tags, and all that good stuff! ReloadSEO makes it easy to see everything that needs updating and helps you get the most of your your keywords and SEO. In just a week we have already had more visitors on our site. If you have a big shop like we do it then this app will help you keep track of all things Meta and SEO!

    • Jasons Bricks

      It looks like this will turn out to be a fantastic app. It really highlights how much SEO can be improved on a page with a few small changes. I would highly recommend using the free Google Keyword Planner in conjunction with this app to ensure you are targeting the best keywords. I am now tracking a few keywords using during the free trial period. If I see an improvement in organic search placements I will have no hesitation in continuing on with monthly payments.

    • The Spartan Table

      Having installed this app for few days, we feel that we own to write our experience. As we know just few basic things about SEO and being confused several times in the past about what's right and useful and what's not, "ReloadSEO" was an "eye opener" for us! In just few minutes, we started improving our texts and pages. Ofcource, there are still lots to do, but we can assure You that You must give "ReloadSEO" a try. Thank You Lukas, We are Grateful!

    • Www Dressantos Com

      I gave this app a trial as there was an offer for 14 days free. I thought it would take me that long to even understand it as I am computer rubbish! To my delight I worked it out immediately - I ended up sitting for 2 days solid improving my website. It's so exciting to be able to instantly check the ranking of every aspect of your website! I now pay for the app and would highly recommend, especially to computer rubbish people!

    • Jateknagyker

      It would be great but! The app doesn't care about what your actual meta title or description is, how it shows up in google. It'll just modify whatever is set for your product without even looking at your theme file. Mine for example adds the store's title at the end, so the Title tag becomes a lot longer than this app thinks, actually dampening my SEO score. However it contains some useful SEO tips!