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    • Localgoodns

      So, I'm a small scale grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork farmer in rural Nova Scotia. I have been for 10 years now, and for 10 years the big challenge has always been how does little ol me, in a world where big player grocery stores have the people all trained to drive to one place and get everything they could possibly dream of, find the customers who still want to know where their food really comes from. The problem is that it's inconvenient for them to drive to my farm in the middle of nowhere, so my first thought is that I'll make an online retail shop, take orders, and then I'll get the products to them, several customers at one time. But the issue for them is that it's still not as convenient for them because they eat more than just meat, and they'd like to get other foods locally too. So my idea becomes to source more local products from all my farmer friends, and I'll put it on my store and bring it to our customers too. But EVERY farmer has a different weekly routine, and it becomes almost impossible to organize a communication routine to place our weekly customer orders to the various farmers--they all have different production schedules. This problem almost thwarted the business idea, because the small independent dairy farmer just needed more lead time when they were pouring the milk and making the yogurt! Then I discovered Recurring Orders from BOLD! This changed everything! Now customers can just make a standing order for a set period of time, and we are able to give the dairy folks plenty of lead time! Not only that, the customers can make standing orders for lots of their weekly food needs, and yet they still have the flexibility of making one-time orders any week they want for products we already have in inventory back at the farm. So, we're able in a smaller scale than would ever be feasible to offer something as convenient as the old fashioned doorstep milk delivery, but without the scale needed to absorb order losses from order cancellations, and we can even bring all the other weekly groceries too! Now this is a story of how appropriate technology can give back opportunity to small business, allowing the good things from the past to be new again. Recurring Orders will be Re-generating our Nova Scotia economy, one happy locavore at a time! Big greedy guys, we might take a little of your market!

    • Wellnesscenter 2

      This little app is so powerful, when someone inadvertently uninstalled it, the CEO was crushed, just the ability to have customers able to create their own re-occurring monthly orders has worked so well she paid for IT Consulting overtime in order to assess the issue and fix it. She had been so scared that all the previous invoices/customers that had it implemented were all going to have to re-instate this ability. Low and behold, with a little poking around I found what app it was, found residual information on the invoices/customers regarding the App and with only a few emails back and forth it was up and running again very quickly. under a half a day! Being a coder for life and been working on the Internet since the beginning (early 90's) I found it not only very powerful but in terms of being a new coder to this project that was built way before I even started working for the client and that it only took a handful of hours for just me to find out what the App. was, what happened and now fixed, I am amazed! I only exchanged a few emails and got it back up and running, and as for the client, exstatic that all prior information was still within the store that has been running for a few years it would appear. I must say, I am having Support do a run through the site/app as I am new to it but see how important it is to the client I want to make sure I got everything lost back and no conflicting issues come abbout. But, to be truth of my thinking is for the clients ease, as an app this easy to assess and trouble shoot I am confident enough that I can leave it running without a second thought that something else is wrong. And to think, I am on another clients WordPress site that they decided to turn off every Plug-in and the whole site was down so they called me in, and I turned them all on and it was still down, I had to go one by one and I am still finding some issues with the site after a MONTH and over 55 plugins having about half of them not even being used does not help. THANKS FOR A SOLID APP! Kudos! Great job in this app. will be exploring your other apps. for this and future clients with strong recommendations.

    • Tryptonite

      My "Story" is simple - I am an "older guy" (much older) than any of these newer generations of folks that are using this wonderful internet thing (aka "the web") to do things in the world. I have accepted this in my life and decided to fully embrace this worldwide web and new fangled way of doing business. So when I do anything at all on the Line it simply MUST be as easy as possible and - how you say "user Friendly". To me it's sort of like electricty - I can't see it, and I don't understand how it works. But I know I need it in my house, so I use it. Well YOUR APP service program is SIMPLY THE BEST! As soon as I clicked on the button to use this APP program it gave me all the simple instructions I needed to learn how to load it and use it. I was also given a video to watch that showed me what to do. Then I quickly got the support chat little box on my computer telling me more things to do to help and how to get direct help from you. I have used auto billing in my many businesses over many decades, and they can be magnificent revenue generating programs for ANY business. So when I decided to do this on the Line with my Shopify store selling my product "TryptoNite" (yes, MY Product. I invented it while in the U.S. Air Force), I needed a program that anyone could load and work. And believe you me - If I Can Do It, ANYONE Can DO IT! Also, your program does exactly what my "brick and mortar" programs have been doing for decades. Truth be told - your program is BETTER! Thank you for helping all of us, especially the older senior generation like me.

    • Fitbarbox

      The Bold Recurring Orders App has revolutionized the way I conduct my business. I run a business that allows customers to create custom multipacks of fitness and nutrition bars on a subscription model. After launch, I had a few months of very low sales. I realized that a lot of my issues were due to a poor user interface which created roadblocks for the customer to complete their purchase. Having little to no coding experience myself, I began reaching out to developers to get quotes on building an easier to use UI. As the quotes began rolling in, I quickly became demoralized due to the high cost and large amount of time that would be needed to implement the changes I had visualized. As I was on the precipice of determining what was next for me and my site, I discovered The Recurring Orders Build a Box functionality! As I learned more about the feature I had to ask if I was dreaming because it included everything that I had visualized for my site! This out of the box solution makes it easy for my customers to customize their own subscription box while presenting the details of each box option to make their decisions that much easier. I can easily say that Bold has saved me thousands of dollars, not to mention weeks of work, that I otherwise would have spent working with a developer. Bold has given me a site that I am truly proud of and excited to say that I am a part of. I don't know if my site would still be around today if it weren't for Bold and the Recurring Orders team.

    • The Vintage Beard Company

      So far it seems to be working properly. I am waiting on a couple of issues to get fixed by support so that the subscription widget displays more neatly on my site. Also, for some reason the %off for pre-paying in advance does not display correctly to the customer when they select longer frequencies to obtain a lower discount. One of the other downsides is that customers have to leave their account on your website to go to an external site to manage their orders. Lastly, and the biggest reason I am giving a 3 star, is that it would be nice to have a simple function to charge the customer full price for the 1st subscription, and then give a nice discount for their 2nd and ongoing orders. This would help ween out a lot of those folks that just signup for the initial discount and then cancel a week later claiming they signed up by accident. If support pulls thru on those other two issues and they make the app a bit functional towards a variety of ways to setup, then I may bump my rating up a star or so... Overall though, I do see where this app is something I want to continue using because I have set my current orders up in a way that I think will bring good steady revenue, as I have had some success in the past with similar apps.