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  • Quick View by Secomapp

    This app allows you to quickly view and add a product to cart without opening the product view page.
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    • Mowtown Waldo Implement

      This is a nice free app if you're not wanting to customize it yourself. I ended up needing to customize some things, but had to do so by emailing the developer. They were quick to respond and Louis was very efficient at removing the "add to cart" function on certain products. It would be nice if I was able to do some things myself without upgrading. I'd like to be able to edit what info shows up in the quick view pop up, as the entire product description is all mashed into the pop up box without spaces and then is cut off when it reaches the character limit. It just looks bad. I would like to change it to a few quick details about the product. I"ll have to ask support for help again, but hopefully it can be done easily without upgrading as well. Overall, I'm happy enough to keep the app for now.

    • Ilki

      Thank you for a wonderful App! I contacted support to inquire about changing the size of the font within the pop-up and they quickly replied with how to find the piece of code in theme files to make the difference. Customer support is great! This app is easy to install and you can change every element to match your website either using the standard preferences once you click on the app within your store or by code for more advanced changes for which if you run into any snags I'm sure they will help you with. Thoroughly recommend this to all new Shopify store owners that do not have a 'quick shop' pop up built in. We upgraded and are pleased we did, low monthly fee for a part of our store that has become indispensable. 15 stars!

    • Charmedelements

      In addition to the fantastic features in this 'must have' killer app, I just received world class support. As a chief technical officer by trade, and a business owner, I could only hope to emulate the responsiveness and 'get it done right the first time' support I just received. We recently launched a new site, and b/c a custom variance via another app was required, I needed this displayed in the 'quick view' as well, or about 1/2 of our store would be useless. In just a few hours, support figured out exactly what I needed, and resolved the issue. Just amazing! You should have no hesitation regarding getting this app.

    • Mrs Whipster

      I Love the guys from Secomapp! Stephen helped me out with a slight issue with the quick view button not being clickable on the mega menu (using venture theme). He managed to fix it so quickly and was so patient with me as my site was having dns issues for over a week. Just hands down amazing human beings who are professional in the way they handle situations and with the quick view pop up having a clean cut professional look. I highly recommend these guys from Secomapp especially Stephen, thank you very much for providing store owners on shopify with the gift of using your quick view app :)

    • Flying Star Bar Shop

      Installed a few days ago. Think this will be especially appreciated by my mobile viewers plus make my site look even more professional for all viewers. I had a couple smaller things not working on my custom shop theme. My email was answered in a timely manner, questions were addressed & they even took it upon themselves while making corrections to tweak the coding a bit & make some other things look better in the pop up. Woo Hoo for pride in your work & voluntarily making something better for another! ~ SA & The Shop @ ~