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    A MUST HAVE App! Add Tiered Pricing & Quantity Breaks to any Product or Group of products with just a few clicks! Try it free here...
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    • Modellocustomstencils

      We do NOT recommend this company. We have tried multiple apps from this company, and all have been completely useless, and worse, hurts our site. We asked them to install the app, and it took them a full month for them to install it - or at least get any response back at all after 5 emails that the installation was completed. What is even worse than the apps themselves is the horrible customer service. We have emailed 2 different Bold Apps support email addresses on July 8, 9, 10, 13, 15, and 16 with no response from either. Before adding this app, we asked specifically if this app would work with this specific theme - because we understand if an app isn't compatible with some themes. They said yes, this app works with this theme and will not have issues. The app, of course, had issues and completely messed up our site (frozen product pages, applying completely different product prices that we didn't originally have), and had to go back and delete and re-add over 1000 products to remove their ingrained coding that codes itself to each product. We had to waste countless labor hours to get our site back to its original state, with absolutely no help on their end. Like other reviews have said, their customer service blames our site for their app issues and have a "too bad so sad" attitude, and then doesn't respond to any of our emails once any issue arises. We do NOT recommend this company for any of their apps (we've tried 3), because their apps will most likely not work with your theme (we've even went out of our way to purchase themes they said would work), ruin your website, and especially because their customer service is the worst we've ever encountered.

    • Hammycat

      Not impressed. I suppose they did the best they could with some of Shopify's limitations, but this app has been a headache. First, changes are not immediate. They have to re-write your entire store inventory to add the discounts, which takes time. Second, it adds a variant for each existing variant and price break. We have many products with 50 or so variants to start. This will add a price break variant for each break and existing variant. This puts us over the 100 variant limit for many products. Finally, it has stopped working many times. Mostly, it re-starts, but of course that leads to multiple customer service issues I have to deal with. Most recently it stopped working and they blamed it on some script code they claimed was on my site from another app it was interfering with. I had never heard of this code and never installed anything prior to it's failure. They're response was basically too bad so sad. Call this other app company you've never used or heard of and ask them to fix it. Deleted the app. Will find a work around to this clunky, at best, app.

    • Resin Obsession

      First the positive. I used the team at Bold Apps to insert the code on my store. I was then able to set up quantity breaks. It was a fairly straightforward process, and I was happy with the results. Unfortunately, this app is NOT compatible with the inventory management app from Stitch labs. It has made a mess of my store because it adds 'extra product listings' to account for the quantity discounts. For other users, I would certainly recommend checking compatibility with other app makers before installing. (And the team at Stitch said all the Bold Apps are incompatible with what they do. They are looking into a fix, but it's not a priority.) UPDATE -- the team from Bold Apps has reached out to me to share their side of the story. It was quite thoughtful and I must admit I was surprised to hear from them. I certainly hope the two companies can work something out as I would like to do business with Bold Apps based upon my most recent interaction with them.

    • Molive Storage Solutions

      Overall, I was satisfied with their services. The customer service was quick to respond and they seemed to know what they were talking about. The installation of the application I purchased was fairly quick (they don't install over weekends so plan in advance). The app does what it is supposed to do and despite some small hiccups with installation, it seems to work fine with my website. Always read their app descriptions well because not all shopify themes and third party apps are compatible with the Bold Apps. The reason I took away one star is that it did take two weeks and a lot of switching between three different apps until I got the type of discount/upsell app that I actually wanted. Once again, read very carefully their descriptions of the apps and watch the videos before you make up your mind and make a purchase. As, I said, overall, good company with good product with good customer service for shopify users.

    • Shoreline 2

      The app does what it promises. No doubt. The catch is, it's the only game in town. No other app on Shopify performs this basic function so well, and if you need to do any sort of tiered pricing, you really need this app more than any other. But what this means is that they can get away with some weaknesses: The interface is painfully clunky, and the in-app search function rarely works, such that it often takes 4 or 5 tries to find the products you're discounting. The app's appearance options are really limited, and result in awkward displays like "5—+" for unit numbers, where it should just be "5+". And, finally, the way they create discounts on the back end is particularly confusing—they create multiple variations of each SKU with "3+" and "5+" attached to it. Surely there's a way simply to discount by number without all this baroqueness, but, like I said, this is the only game in town.