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  • Welcome Header Bar

    Responsive and Fully Customizable Header Bar. Promote Free Shipping, Free Gifts, Coupons, + 10 more popular website marketing tools.
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    • Ananyas Fashions

      First I would like to tell my hearfelt Thanks to the Zotabox. Such a wonderful app. Its just been 2 hours since I bought the app. I am already loving it. I haven't considered offering few things like promotional banner, social media chat, etc., in my website until before I bought this app. Setting up the promotional banner, social media chat button was very easy and quick. You can see my website for the proof of this testimony- I will post another review once I research more usefulness about this cool app!

    • Divine Leather Usa

      We have Promo bar, Contact US form and Face Book chat. Promo Bar and Contact US form are working very well. We have not use Face Book chat much but it will also be good. All these apps which we have are free. Nothing can be better then free. Its hard to believe that Zotabox is offering all these apps free of charge. The interface and integration of there apps to our store was straight forward. We highly recommend this company and there product. Keep it up all the good work.

    • Ironfitwear

      ok, so far i like it.. What is the best option for the bar? Scroll or Fixed position? I feel that if its fixed it will stay with the customer and entice them to shop but if its in Scroll the customer may forget or lose interest.. On my 5 orders no one used a coupon code? it was smack dab right in front of them on my website under the header bar... Any tips

    • Samba Tees

      Although the bar seems to work well for most people, for some reason with us ( the bar would never completely stop covering the top menu. This was quite frustrating, especially since one of the options for bar positioning was exactly one that would be above the page, without covering any content. Other than that, they seem like a good service.

    • Full Spectrum Solutions Inc

      So far we are really liking the Welcome Header Bar...I would have went all the way to 5 stars but I just can't get past the Zotabox icon in the left end of the header bar :( Not sure the benefit to Zotabox of having my customers see and click on their icon. My customers are most likely not going to be using any Zotabox apps any time soon.