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  • Product Upsell

    The UpSell app gives you the ability to offer an upsell product at the point of checkout based on the contents of the customers shopping cart.
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    • Chuckit Dog Toys UK

      Incredibly fiddly, can easily stop working for absolutely no rhyme nor reason and unfortunately we found this to be a bit of a cheeky way to extort money out of Shopify store owners. This simple app should really be including in the "Product Discount" app. Really this app is useless for most store owners unless you also buy Bold Apps' "Product Discount" app which we think UK Trading Standards would be interested to learn about. We think that's below the belt. Secondly, whilst this app, when working, will do your business a lot of good, when it's not working Bold Apps just don't come up to the mark with support. The company took a holiday on Black Friday, yes Black Friday. All of their apps stopped working. This caused our business no end of emails from clients requesting clarification on offers we advertised but weren't actually offering come checkout. Bold Apps took a couple of days to fix the issue, left little explanation, didn't really apologise or even have the courtesy to answer our emails - we were not the only ones just take a peak at their Facebook page. We therefore couldn't trust them so have uninstalled all of their pay monthly apps and have gone with a service that now offers the same service for....£0.00.


      Hello Everyone... I simply wanted to share with you my experience so far with Shappify and the Product Upsell Application. First of all, the application works exactly as they say it does, so they make a promise and deliver -Just as a company should. Plus, the flexibility offered by the Upsell Application is really well thought out. I have worked in business for 26 years and many of those years were spent working closely with sales staff and software for sales departments, and this application offers not only ease of use, but a means to tailor your upsell offers so they're tied to specific products and more. I'm very happy with this application... BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... The customer service and technical assistance is top notch... In my experience the staff has been very proactive with reaching out to me to see if i need anything, they are very responsive and helpful when i do have needs, and most of all they have made my experience feel as though i am a guest and not just a user. I'm really impressed, and I'm recommending this application for anyone that wants a quality product plus the great customer service that should accompany it. Sincerely, Chris

    • Ronnoc1316

      This along with the "Product Discount" app worked great for offering a BOGO sale for Black-Friday. But the real reason why I'm writing this review is for Mr. Jordan Labelle, he's a Product Manager at Bold and was the one to answer my question on their support chat. It was 6:15pm on Thanksgiving when I realized instead of getting BOGO they were getting their entire order free! after the first order I shut it down and immediately got on their support chat but didn't think anyone would answer being a holiday night. He answered immediately and personally worked with me through the night for hours on end until it was fixed. He single handedly fixed my entire store and got my black-friday sale up and running going through my theme.liquid etc. If it weren't for Jordan my Black-Friday would've certainly been a wash. I had zero idea how to fix these problems and owe hundreds of dollars in sales to this one individual. Needless to say any doubts I may have ever had about purchasing these apps from Bold have been wiped away due solely from the help I received from their support staff, specifically Jordan Labelle.

    • Asjm

      This is a bad review and it's actually the first time I do a bad review on a product! I have installed and paid for 2 products from bold (discount products and upsell). I manage to install many apps on my site and do many customs changes to my site but the one from bold was a bit hard and asked bold to install liquid as I couldn't figure it out - paid for it and it was done after 2 days .few days after had to update my theme (parallax) and all went fine except bold products of that needed a brand new installation of liquid codes and of course even though it was 2 days after I paid for first installation and paid for the products bold asked me to pay for it again. wanted to share this info so regular people that are not expert in custom codes be ready to have a nightmare with this products! as every time you will update your website theme you will have to pay again to bold to install their products that by the way are not cheap.enjoy.

    • Torch Coat Heater 2

      I have been using this app for a couple weeks now and I think it's the best app I have... hands down. I am sure the installation is easy, but I didn't want any chance of me messing it up so I had the Bold Apps team install it. It was cheap and fast and I know it was done right. Now for the App, it works great, I am making extra money upselling products and with the easy to use dashboard I can track every upsell. I can see how many people viewed my upsell deal, how many added it to the cart, how many purchased and then a conversion %. If you run an ecommerce store it is very important to understand that it is cheaper to increase your revenue by getting existing customers to purchase more, than it is to get a new customer to make a purchase, making this app a MUST HAVE!!