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    • Fifty Shades Of Grey

      A MUST HAVE APP and here's why: Search engines like Google use snippets from reviews to help your ranking but if you have a new store you will not have any reviews obviously. You can use this app to main stream reviews into your store manually. Here's an idea to help with that. 1st) Using your products UPC code, search on Amazon in a separate window to find real reviews. Copy and paste them into your review box of the same product and use your email address basically giving your products reviews. 3-5 will do per item. It doesn't matter what email is entered. Okay, all the dates will be the same but here's what to do about that and it's easier then you think. 2nd) Go to 'SETTING' for review app and export the review file so you are emailed an excel file. BE SURE TO MAKE A BACK-UP FILE PRIOR TO EDITING in case you make a mistake. 3rd) Go into the excel file and change the dates. After the first 100 are done, highlight the ones you just did then copy and paste them onto the unedited ones (I did it in blocks of 100 at a time) to speed it up and save file when done. 4th) Now, go back into the store app and delete the existing reviews (Don't worry you have the backup file) and import the excel file you just edited. It will put all the reviews back and the dates will match what was edited. I did 1600 reviews and it took me only 7 days, but now my products have reviews and search engines rank me better =)

    • Rocky Mountain Barber Company

      This is an extremely buggy app that I continue to have problems with. When I attempted to reinstall the app, I was led to a page that said "The page you’re looking for could not be found". I then cleared my cache/cookies and was able to successfully reinstall it thanks to Shopify support. However, I am now having a problem where I cannot import new reviews. Everytime I hit "Import" in the top right corner, a pop up window appears and it says "Importing reviews... Please wait, this may take awhile." and the "Please wait" wheel keeps spinning. I have tried clearing cache/cookies and even reinstalled the app. Yet still, when I click "Import", I still get the same error message. So frustrating! Does anyone know the solution? Support is currently looking into this for me but so far has been unable to solve the problem.

    • Real Glass Act

      1. Customers can only leave reviews if they click on a specific product page. There is no review link available on the front page. I've had customers order several different items from my store which means they would have to go through each product page to leave a review. That stinks! 2. Shop owners don't receive any notification if a review is submitted. It's necessary to click on each product page in order to see if a review has been submitted. If I did that every day for every product in my store, it would take hours. 3. There is no way to easily respond to a review. I like to thank my customers for taking the time to leave a review, or respond if there is an issue. 4. Installation of the app is simple enough, but it doesn't do much good if it's a hassle to use!

    • Patio Outdoor Tables

      Elizabeth Lazy Susan This is the most beautiful 24" lazy Susan I have ever seen. I have had many. This is replacing a glass 20" lazy Susan. The Elizabeth will hold more food AND, I don't have to put pot holders down to protect the finish or to keep it from breaking from hot pots. It works smoothly, quietly and easily. Everything I could possibly want. It sits in the middle of my 60" round table. When not in use serving food, I decorate it with plants, candles, etc. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! this lazy Susan. I have been looking at it for over a year, I finally decided to take the chance. I am soooo glad I did.

    • Fat Chimp

      When it works its Good, however for 6 solid months the application was randomly not charging for additional logos to polos and other garments we sell as embroidery, losing us £10 per shirt or more sometimes, which over the 6 months leapt to nearly £1000 in loss revenue due to this application. I have tried and failed to get my money back as there is no accountability from the management of directors... A multitude of other errors such as losing all my product options over a whole weekend, poor coding for sure, and the developers blaming it on Windows 7 or an old Browser... NOT a HAPPY BUNNY!