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  • Product Reviews Addon

    A add-on to Shopify's Review App, automatically sends review emails to your customers. Customers can review directly from their email.
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    • Mymusiccd Com

      Wow. It's about time this addition hit Shopify. For those out there wondering why Yotpo charges SOOO much for their doesn't matter anymore because we have another option. With Review Product Reviews Addon ( you get every meaningful add-on Yotpo offers for a fraction of the price. Set up is brainless. has been around since 2004 but we switched to Shopify in 2013. We had to use Yotpo because the Product Reviews app didn't have add ons for emails, coupons, recommended products, etc. As soon as I saw this app add-on I switched. Took me about an hour to completely set everyhting up(install, code, emails, coupons, recommended products,etc) So here's what you do...get Product Reviews - Shopify > Import your Yotpo or other reviews in> then get Review Product Reviews Addon Premium - $19.99/mth Another bonus...schema data was so unpredictable with Yotpo reviews in our SERPs...not so with Product Reviews. I promise these cats didn't pay me but they saved me $$$$. Tons of install info for the add on in Shopify knowledge base too.OK...I'm shutting up now. :) UPDATE: 2 months later - if I could rave more about how great this simple app is I would! I have never had so many reviews come in. Reviews have exploded for our site, something we always struggled with YotPo. Thanks again!!

    • Mommys G L

      Tommy, aka"the legend", helped me setup my store with all the widgets I requested in all the right places. He migrated all my reviews I had scattered through other review apps and brought them together on the Stamped dashboard. He also made sure that all my queued review emails from these apps were successfully transferred so that I don't miss out a single chance at generating a valuable customer review. After he was done with the initial installation, I proofread all of his work to make sure everything was displaying properly on all devices. I then requested further customization such as formatting and design elements. He took care of those, and he then suggested I added other features for even more powerful social proof, to which I wasn't hesitant to agree. All in all, this gentleman worked around the clock to meet my requests and really put in the effort and interest to meet my needs and ultimately help me succeed. Oh, and did I mention how fast it all was? I couldn't keep up with him because he was that fast. With guys like Tommy, you'll get the kind of customer service you deserve, and with a workhorse like Stamped collecting incredibly valuable social proof on automation, your sales are sure to at least double if not triple within days.

    • Vlyvly Co

      I love this app and its developer so much that I had to write this review. I usually don't write reviews about anything but I couldn't ignore the quality of app and service of the developer. The product itself was already good enough but my website needed little more customizations. I had about 3 major customizations needed and with speed and accuracy, the developer had done all customizations very quick and exactly the way I wanted. It's hard to explain the design of the wanted result over the email but even with several e-mails going back and forth to make it look right, the developer found out exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it to look and have done exactly that. He went beyond to make the look to fit my website's overall theme as well. I don't need to mention all the great features this app has but I just want to thank the developer(s) for making such a great app and for having an excellent service and quality!

    • Sabbat Box

      Wish I had known this came out sooner! I have two Shopify stores, my other store uses a competitor's app and this store uses Reviews Addon and I like it so much more. I just installed this app and it was a breeze to configure and use. I have been waiting for about a year for something like this to come out and would really step up the game for the Shopify reviews app. The company that we purchased our Shopify store's theme from built in the functionality of Shopify reviews within our theme, and I wanted to install the Shopify reviews app sooner, but it didn't offer all of the features I was hoping for it to have...that is until now :-). I also could have downloaded other review apps, but since our theme was made to specifically integrate with the Shopify reviews app I figured I would wait, plus I couldn't justify paying so much money for similar apps that do what this one does.

    • Vapes4u

      We were almost ready to jump and sign up with another company (that charges an outrageous amount of money) and then we found!! We thought, there has to be something wrong as they were charging such an affordable amount to achieve the same results. After reading the reviews, we contacted them to ask a few questions and to our surprise, received an email right back with all the answers! We ended up signing up with them that day and had all our previous reviews imported to our site that same day! The online interface where you create your emails is easy to navigate and any question we had, they answered back in no time! We already have our star reviews showing up in Google and it's been 2 weeks! We couldn't be happier with them! They run a company the way it's supposed to be run! If you're still on the fence, just jump like we did!