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  • Product Options by Bold

    The #1 RATED OPTIONS APP! Unlimited Options w/ File Uploads, Price Changing, Logic, Batch Apply, Saved Option Sets, Colour/Image Swatches...
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    • Ringsplints Com

      I tried this app because I needed pricing options (or I thought - I found a way around it with ShopPad Infinite Options which was SUPER easy and FREE and I love it!). This app was a flop and a total pain in the hiney, and $20/month+ is too much considering all the work you have to do to install and keep it going. For that monthly price, they should do it all for you, then charge you the $20/month+. This app had what seemed like countless lines of code I had to enter. The app glitch badly, not because of my copy/paste coding, but just with its interface with my theme I guess. Customer support didn't want to help figure it out, so we'll never know. When it continued to glitch BADLY (as in - items couldn't be removed from the cart, etc), customer support blamed me, said it was in the coding and I'd have to find it : - / . When I decided to uninstall it (this was after a WEEK'S worth of labor getting all the variants in and coding per their instructions), it left remnants in my coding, which I didn't put there - apparently it automatically installs code EVERYWHERE. It took careful searching on EVERY page (literally, every html/css page, snippet and asset to find all the remnants.) And it was obvious that there were remnants. On my storefront, staggered among the images, was incomplete coding "liquid error".....all over the place. Pricing options are what I needed, but after using this app, it's better to find a workaround if you can and use ShopPad Infinite Options instead.

    • TheDecalDen

      We installed and tried many different apps that used product variants or options to try and list our Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat and Yamaha sled wraps the way we wanted them to display. They all had some sort of missing feature that our listings required so it was a pleasant surprise to find such a robust and flexible platform to provide our customers with an intuitive and "idiot proof" way for them to select the sled wrap package that best suits their needs. After installation and setting up options there were a few issues with the logic and pricing not displaying properly but Bold Support was able to resolve most of the issues we came across in a relatively prompt manner. We've found the customer support to be top notch and only hampered by Bold perhaps being a bit too ambitious and launching too many new apps at the same time without having the proper amount of staff to deal with the influx of bug and logic issues that are bound to rear their heads during the launch phase. A staggered launch of new apps would probably go a long way to avoiding this as it affected turnaround times on support tickets across all their apps and not just the launching apps. That being said we have numerous Bold apps installed on our store "Product Options", "Product Discounts" and "Custom Products" and have found them to be cost effective options to bring substantial functionality upgrades to our site.

    • Robbi and Matthew Shop

      I have two shops and Product Options is key in both of them. In one shop we sell books on subscription - as part of each subscription we send a birthday card to each club member. Collecting the birthday data before was a nightmare - often involving contacting customers one by one to get the info. This was further complicated when people wanted to order multiple gift subscriptions, so we'd get a big chunk of information we'd have to sift out of an email or the notes field in the shopping cart. Now we collect only the info we want. HUGE timesaver for us. Our other shop sells letterpress cards. One of our products are cards we send to recipients anonymously. Without Product Options, people would have to check out multiple times for each separate shipping address. With Product Options we can collect the shipping address linked to each Anonygram so there's only one checkout. Another lifesaver. And finally, we also offer pick-and-choose card sets, where you can select any six card designs for a discounted price by just clicking off checkboxes. We wouldn't be able to offer this product without Product Options, and it's one our customers seem to enjoy. All of that aside, their support is great - responsive and clear. One night I went to bed after accidentally screwing something up and when I woke up they had fixed it. The best. Thanks BoldApps!!!

    • Mbkplanners

      I'm not in love with this app BUT when it works, it works. I've contacted support several times - Tamer is helpful and aside from some limitations on their end, he was able to make some requested changes. I would not suggest their chat feature as the customer support rep I spoke with there was very rude and unable to provide any assistance at all. The app is very time consuming when updating or creating many options for products. They have a time out feature of one hour - so if you are working on something longer than that (which I do often), you will lose any work when it times out. That is very frustrating and something that really needs to be addressed, as in completely removed! The app doesn't appear to work on older version of IE. I've had several customers contact me that they were unable to view the form which means they are unable to order a product. I'd like to see a way to copy product conditions and set options. This would be helpful as many times I am using several of the same options with one or two changes. Instead of having to recreate the ENTIRE set, being able to copy it would help with the one hour time limit. It would also be very helpful to be able to assign the options directly from the Shopify products page instead of spending so much time in the app with a time limit on your work.

    • Guildworksiabraham

      Our startup created one of the most complex shopping cart coding conflagrations, by integrating a highly customized Plug-In solution from Bold Commerce with specific permutations and complex product options. When we unexpectedly found ourselves with a rogue Developer unable to handle or professionally manage coding tasks, (compounded by an inadvertent error), we were met with graciousness and professionalism as BOLD'S Devs wrestled the bull down by the horns, helping us resolve our issues. BOLD'S client and developer support exceeded my staunchest professional expectations of what customer service, and technical "support" authentically become. Tamer, you may be the "APP" guy, but you're clearly the people guy for BOLD, and the intuitive, inspiring force behind your team. I've rarely had the pleasure and privilege of dealing wth a company so attuned to customers, or someone who simply listens as well as you do. The missing star is reflective only of technical APP limitations on complete customization facility. Thanks to you and Tyson again, for all your incredible work to resolve the issues, and complete our site dev for the BOLD segment, finally getting us underway after our sites languishing for many months. We are extraordinarily grateful to you, and customers for life.