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    Schedule DAILY DEALS with live Countdown Timers! Sales by BRAND, COLLECTION, TYPE or STORE WIDE. Automatic SALES ICONS and much more...
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    Product Discount manages all your discounts on your website : design special offers from products selection and rules to UX design (sales icons and sales clocks) for your customer on your website. This app is essential for medium and big business to easily manage your stock.

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    • Your Connection Destination

      Decided to jump in and buy this app after using several other bold apps and being pretty happy with the outcome. First of all, after charging me $99, they then require an additional fee to install the code for the app to even work. After paying this fee it took about 48 hours for them to supposedly install the code and tell me everything was ready to go, and I would have to turn on the theme. However, when i turned on said theme, there was code all over my product pages. So I contacted them to fix it, and had to go through a bunch of hoops just to get the issue resolved. Mind you this is the 24th of nov. and black friday is about to happen. Sure enough, all black friday and cyber monday my abandoned carts were through the roof. Why? So I do a test purchase and wouldnt you know it, code all over my checkout and it says bold all over it. Thanks bold for killing my best shopping season of the year. No app is worth the ridiculous headache this has caused my business. Did i mention I have contacted them 3 times about this now and still I have code all over my checkout and no idea how to fix it? If you are going to charge extra to install the code necessary for this app to work. You would think it would be done right. Frustrated as all get out!!!

    • Europabay

      Product Discounts App is simply brilliant! Clean, crispy interface that is easy to use and understand, with a whole range of highly sought after features all in the one place. This App will make the epic task of managing sales, discounts & Promos a 5 minute Job. My Theme Responsive 5.1 is pretty complicated theme and Product Discounts installed within 2 mins and I was up and running, ready to create as many discounts/promos as I like. The Support from Bold is very professional, They answered all my emails within an hour and then Helped me out for FREE with a lot of customisation's and tweaks. I am very happy to say that this App will be everything you expect and more, If you are running an online store it is a "must have" and after my research and experience using other such Apps, you will not find a better one than this. its well worth the $99.99 fee. The Customer Care is simply excellent, Bold Staff are experienced coders and designers that really know what they are doing, They also offer Design and HTML/CSS custom help etc with your site which is a great help and comfort to know that professionalism like this is literally a click away. I am delighted I finally found such a reliable App for my site.

    • H20able

      Yes, that rating is right! 5-stars for a reason! Look at everyone's review we all aren't wrong, This company knows how to create apps, and create ones that fill void other apps just don't. If the app working exactly like they describe to us, I mean perfect, they are just an email away 24/7. They are all very knowledgeable with all their products, I know cause I email them a lot at all different times. Putting the cherry on top, Bold will sometimes go out of their way and help you with your store, ads, or whatever else it might be. You can honestly tell they care. Oh yeah, can't forget how I got this app in the first place, they run a contest with the prize being a subscription to an app of theirs. At first, I was uneasy and didn't really trust anybody behind the apps that weren't Shopify made, but Bold Apps changed all that and I would download anything of theirs if I needed it.

    • Standout Designs

      Shappify makes really awesome apps. We love how they share the same design where it makes sense. This app is great because we can show customers at the product level what they save with the sale, rather than the customer having to do the math and then (hopefully) remember to enter a promo code. We love too how you can set up the deals and turn them on/off as you wish to run them. Most of all, we are thrilled that this app now plays nice with Shappify's Customer-Specific Pricing app that makes our wholesale dreams come true. We can opt to put only our "regular" variants on sale when we create a discount in this app. Or we could give wholesalers a short term better break with just a few clicks. These guys think of everything - or welcome suggestions and add features when they don't. We recommend this app and the company in general. Super happy.

    • Sage Garden

      The bold team is definitely dedicated to making useful apps supported by excellent customer service. However, I found this app to be extremely sensitive and the first promotion I launched ended with many items having their set discount doubled by the app... so instead of having an awesome and successful sale I ended up with a ton of orders with items sold at 50% off the sale price (lost lots of money on these sales)! The support team could not really resolve this issue (in spite of being responsive to the support ticket) and it sounds like many users had a similar experience around the time I did (Black Friday week). So, be aware, that any slight change made to items in your store while a sale is active has the potential to mess things up significantly. And that sucks.