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  • Product Customizer

    Add file uploads, text inputs, and more options to your Products. Customizations that's perfect for any store with a wide variety of products.
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    • Quest Awards

      Wow, Product Customizer is a wonderful application. Quest Awards is a custom recognition awards company and it is critical that our customers are able to enter their personalization instructions easily and accurately for each product. Whether that is by entering engraving text manually, uploading a document with instructions, or uploading their corporate logo, Product Customizer does it all! We installed the app, created a few engraving profiles, and add the appropriate profile to each of our 1,000+ products. During this process, we discovered that when instructions are entered by the client in the large text box option, we could not see the “return key” function when viewing the order. Essentially it looks like one long line of text rather than each line of text being on a separate line. Not seeing these line breaks the way the client entered the information was a huge operational and client satisfaction issue. Well the Product Maximizer support team of Max, Justin, Kim sprang into action (mostly Max actually). It seems the problem required collaboration between the App and Shopify support. Well all I can tell you is that the support from Product Customizer was exceptional. Max was instrumental in identifying the issue, recommending solutions, and relaying that information to Shopify directly. Then working with them to resolve the issue and perform final testing. One last final small adjustment by Product Customizer and the problem was resolved. The positive impact on our business was immediate and the shopping experience of our clients improved dramatically. I don't spend much time typing out APP reviews, but in this case I really want to express my thanks to Max and to Product Customizer. I would like other Shopify store owners to know this company stands behind its product and has a tremendous support team. So they get a 5 star rating for their product and their support!

    • Tisurvival

      Product customizer worked ok. At first I got it to add text boxes to some products and eventually set it up to extend the options I offered in my store. They are usually pretty fast on replying about questions or problems, but when I finally decided to remove it from my store because the integration was messy and confusing to my customers and myself I had a big problem. Before I deleted anything, I asked them if my website would work as it did before the install when I deleted the app. They assured me it would and I went ahead and deleted the app. The next morning I began to get emails from customers telling me there was a problem with the CHECKOUT on my website. I am not sure how much money this problem caused me for the half a day it was unresolved, but it is a lot more than the service they have provided. I sent them an email asking for help and no one got back to me. Is this because now I was a non paying customer? In a last ditch effort, I contacted shopify help and they were able to go in and clean up the mess they did on my site after about 20 or 30 minutes. If you value your business, do not have them modify your website. The integration they do is messy and unappealing.

    • Finch And Feathers

      I was looking for a customizer that had a pricing option because Shopify only allows 100 variants which does not work for my jewelry line. I tried one that was only $7.99 a month (and the free ones are clunky at best) trying to save money but it was VERY confusing to set up and the support was not that great. Yes, I am paying $10 more for Product Customizer but I got support the very same day I signed up and the app is super easy to use. Don't waste your time on other customizers and make the shopping experience great for your customers by offering options within the listing. It is worth the $17.99 and you will easily make it back! UPDATE: I recently changed my theme in my Shopify store and ShopStorm was there for me again to configure my settings. They also did some custom work for me. In addition, they configured my customer receipts. Their customer service (Ryan is awesome and so patient) is top notch and as business owners, that is what we need. It gives us time to actually run our business. These guys are amazing and I would not hesitate to use them.

    • Cav Designs

      I know enough about "programming" to usually cause trouble. So I am usually apprehensive when choosing "apps" that say they're simple. First, I was completely handicapped and limited by Shopify's limited variants. Too many t-shirt colors and sizes! Then I wanted the ability for the customer to personalize the t-shirt. I was getting very aggravated with the limitations when of Shopify when I stumbled across Product Customizer. WOW - the answer to all my dreams. VERY easy to use. When looking at my products now - I was just slightly unhappy with the looks of all my variants. Note to Product Customizer people on a Saturday. Figured I would not hear until Monday at the earliest. SURPRISE. Jennifer showed up in my inbox asking specifics about my request. She worked with me through a couple of emails on my most perfect look and BINGO - start the week with my perfect layout. I cannot emphasize how little I know about website programming and how simple this was. And when I did need help, it was there. Absolutely love them - and how they made my website look.

    • Here Comes The Bling

      I previously had Product Customizer from ShopStorm and switched due to the time it seemed to take to use with minimal features. I then tried all other apps out there and found they were either too time consuming, didn't offer the features I needed or just were a pain to use. After giving up on finding the perfect app and instead using multiple apps to try and solve my problems, I was still disappointed in not being able to charge for personalization exc. Then to my surprise a few days ago I received an email from the team at ShopStorm. They had made major improvements to the product customizer app. So I gave them another try - This time they offered a Pro plan which has most of the features I am in need of, (and according to a recent email they are adding the others soon).Their excellent customer service helped me get back on the same day! Thanks guys & gals for making a product that I know people are in need of and committing to continue making improvements. I can't wait until I only need one customization app. Amanda-