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  • Privy - Free email popups with exit intent favorite

    Grow your email list with free customizable pop-ups, exit intent, banners and bulk coupons. Sync with your existing email marketing tools.
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  • About Privy - Free email popups with exit intent

    Privy triggers timed and customized popups on your website. You can deliver the right message to your visitors depending on the device they are on or other types of behaviors. Privy is great if you want to increase your email base.

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    You can use Privy drag and drop tool to build customized templates reflecting your brand colors.

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    • Oude Roc

      HTC Mobiles / iPhones / Gionee Mobiles / LG Mobiles / Karbonn Mobiles / Vivo Mobiles / Intex Mobiles / Micromax Mobiles / Asus Mobiles / Samsung Mobiles / Lenovo Mobiles / Oppo Mobiles / Xolo Mobiles Tablets: Apple iPads / Samsung Tablets / Windows Tablets / Calling Tablets / Micromax Tablets / Lenovo Tablets / Asus Tablets / Dell Tablets / iBall Tablets / Swipe Tablets / Datawind Tablets TVs, Audio & Video: Televisions / LED TVs / Smart Televisions / Speakers / Headphones / Earphones / Samsung Televisions / Micromax Televisions / LG Televisions / Home Theatre Systems Mobiles Accessories: Mobile Covers / Power Banks / Samsung Power Banks / Ambrane Power Banks / Intex Power Banks / Sony Power Banks / Lenovo Power Banks / PNY Power Banks / Jawbone Fitness Bands Computers: Lenovo Laptops / Acer Laptops / Apple Macbooks / Notebook / Laptops / External Hard Disks / Dell Laptops / HP Laptops / Pen Drives Camera: DSLR Cameras / Canon Cameras / Nikon Coolpix / Nikon DSLR Cameras / Sony Cameras / Digital Cameras / Panasonic Cameras / Samsung Cameras

    • Lillian Chic

      I tried a couple different pop up builder apps, and found Privy to not only offers better customization, but it was easy to use. I am horrible with technology and after I played around with it for a little while I was able to figure it out. I made my pop up look exactly like I wanted it to, with a picture as the background instead of just a plain color or pattern, I was able to add text boxes and move them where I chose, I set up the parameter for when the pop up shows up, how often, the thank you pop up after the initial sign up pop up, Everything was made super simple from this app. Bonus it is FREE! I paid for a couple others that offered Nothing in comparison. Plus I was able to link it to my MailChimp account in a couple simple steps. Now all my data is shared between the 2 accounts and I can see where my customers are signing up.

    • Project Life

      I've tried a couple of apps that profess to do the same thing, but I've been extremely impressed with Privy. Their app is more functional than any paid app offering a similar service. It's clean, simple, and works exactly the way I'd hoped. Some of the advanced features are definitely worth paying for as well- such as targeting only desktop users (Google recently released information that they'd penalize sites using popups on mobile devices starting early 2017!) I've also had problems with other email collection popup apps trying to integrate my email service. Somehow those other apps didn't work nearly as smoothly to import new contacts. In just the last day I've had a couple dozen new email signups, and I haven't even gotten into offering discount codes- another awesome feature offered by Privy. I'm a fan! Thanks Privy!

    • Adorefeli

      Privy has been an awesome switch to getting email sign-ups for my customers. Shopify has been or may still be crawled with SO many bots signing people up without their permission to use their email addresses. It was so annoying to have to go in and delete a ton of obvious spam/bot email sign ups every day! Since using Privy, it has been a beautiful addition to my store with a lovely confetti surprise after they've signed up! I didn't even know that was on there until I did an email sign-up test on my site (you have the choice to disable the confetti). I've just been using the FREE version and it's been great and would recommend this app for any store that is having issues with bots/spammers doing fake email sign-ups for your store! Thanks Privy!!

    • Survivor Macgyver

      How are ppl suppose to write an actual review of your app if the review plug is shoved down your throat b4 you're even finished with the setup phase? Bc that's pretty much all I have seen the app have to perform by only the 3rd step of getting it setup b4 having been asked to write this review? I'am not totally sure what you're expecting me to be able to even rate. Did the app open properly upon it's first launching on my computer? Ya bruh bruh I opensed it skraight up if that's what i'm being asked kindly to review. I'am joshing ya, but in all seriousness I know devs. are rating thirsty but it just seems kinda shady getting hit with wanting a review just after launch. I will update with 5 stars once I actually get to use your app :)