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  • Printmotor

    Printmotor is a European print-on-demand service. We offer high quality products and fast worldwide shipping.
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    Printmotor handles your on-demand items, allowing you to combine stored and made-to-order items automatically.

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    • Patentprints

      Perfect app for dropship printing in Europe and America. The app is new so be patient with it but the service is 10/10. The printmotor guys will do everything to get you up and running and once you are it is a breeze. Also great value and quality prints. You are onto a winner here

    • Moomin Shop

      We run the on-demand side of the Moomin store using Printmotor and it's great for combining both custom and shelf products in the same order. It allows us to only keep the items we want in stock and to sell more without any additional risk. 10/10 - would use again!