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  • Printify: 200+ Print on Demand products

    Create and sell custom printed products with your design. We manage automated Print on Demand Drop Shipping directly to your customers.
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    • City Streets Bikes

      I cannot recommend this app for some one who is serious about spending all the time required to open a legit store with a good possibility of making sales. I thought this was a good concept, but after spending many hours getting my store setup and looking right I soon realize this was a bad idea. I did a test sale to see how the process would work and to gage shipping times, because in the world of Amazon doing 2 day shipping to anywhere in the US customers expect fast shipping times. Considering how expensive the shipping costs are it is extremely slow, I made an order of 3 items around midnight on a Sunday and a full week later I only received one of them. I do not believe people shopping online is going to tolerate shipping so slow, they will buy once and never again. The product should be at the customer's door in no more than 5 days from order date (again just based off of current expectations with selling online). The other issue I had was if you look at the pricing you will be lucky to make $5 a T-Shirt (research on google don't take my word for it). They also don't seem to be truthful in their advertising, they said when the product ships that it will have your company name on it, when I got my 1 item it said "Printify Fulfillment Mug Center" not my website name, the "Ship From:" was even misspelled as "Shipp From:", I brought this to the attention of Teresa at "Customer Service" among other thing and still have not gotten an explanation for this huge error. If customer's saw this I think your credibility will be immediately called into question. If you plan on using this app you can try may be it will work better for you, but I suspect that what is going on is after they take your order Printify is not actually printing anything, they are outsourcing it to the lowest bidder and have no actual control on the printing and shipping, it would also explain the high prices since they are probably actually getting the T-Shirts for $5 but charging you almost $15, so they are more the middleman. Lastly I gave this 2 stars and not 1 because I think their customer service was good enough and the app was good also, but you will have a lot of work to do if you plan on uploading to google shopping adding fields that does not exists. Good luck and I hope this helps your decision making before you spend a lot of your time. I advise anyone to make sure you properly research before going into this or any other area.

    • Rogue Panda

      Upon initial install, this product seemed to live up to the semi-canned "great" reviews. The interface looked amazing on my huge monitors, everything seemed to function well, there was a decent amount of product and options, and the prices were competitive. But then there were problems that I noticed... When I went to use the interface on my laptop-- smaller monitor-- the interface seemed to not scale properly. Also, several items had a default variant that would show up for no reason and you had to manually remove it from the Shopify side of things. I brought this up to their "support" via email with no response. Not even a form response saying they got my email. Then, after I met their minimum posts to be able to get "discounted" proofs, I ordered a shirt. It was TERRIBLE! I had followed their CMYK to sRGB in PNG format and utilized their color samples (which are buried on their site) but it still looked like crap. The edges weren't crisp, it looked like spray paint over-spray, and there was miss-registration issues. It was a 2 color job, too, so not rocket science. A vinyl wall decal I ordered also had miss-registration issues, was not as described, and there's an odd black line running down one side-- probably a crop line. I have switched back to my other vendor for all products except phone cases. I plan to not upload any additional creative for those until I can either be satisfied that this vendor will do those correctly or I settle on another vendor. I want to give it less stars, but will give the benefit of the doubt because I have not tried all of their products. At the same time, though, I also would not recommend them.

    • Vicetravelmiami

      I have had one of the worst experiences of my life with this application because of the non-professional way I was treated. I was practically expelled and discriminated against the functions of this application by just defending my rights as a professional and social. For me it is a total lack of respect that for only one error caused by perhaps my little experience since I was a new user of this application Printify decided that I could not continue using their services. For days I was litigating with the Printify Customer Service the refunde for only $ 17. Apparently one of my orders was made twice by mistake, one was sent to my client and the other Printify decided to send it to me since it was too late to cancel the production process something very unexpected since in the event I communicate immediately with the Department of Printify and I offered an explanation of what happened and there was where they determined to send the second order to my address, but this does not end there, I asked them to at least let me select my size, favorite color, etc but they again denied My petition, something extremely unfair and illogical, since HOW COULD I USE A T-SHIRT THAT IS NOT OF MY TASTE OR OF MY PREFERENCE CHARACTERISTIC? Finally decided to make the return of the few $ 17 but won by only this small sum the dissatisfaction of a Client. Here I leave the email sent by Mrs. Alina Ignatovich of the customer service of Printify: Dear Alex,

    • Childs Prints

      Printify, you guys are awesome ! I am just reworking my entire site because you make stocking my site so darned easy. From the product generator that you supply so that creating accurate mock ups is a breeze, generating product pages with all the variations already set as well as creating thumbnails. Nobody comes close to the ease of use and the tight integration with Shopify. And you even respond to questions in a timely manner. About the only thing left for you to do is expand your product offerings. Thanks again for saving me hours and hours of time and energy. *** I received my first sample order and was very impressed with the quality. The canvas print was tight as a drum over the frame, the fit and finish of the stretched canvas was exceptional and the printing was crisp. The mug I ordered was with an image that I had created in 3D and had quite a bit of shading and shadowing along with skin tomes, this is a tough image to print and yet they did a great job. The skin tones were right on and subtle and the glossiness in the eyes were perfect.

    • Rebel Armor

      Avoid this company for their shipping times alone. My customers are waiting an average of 2.5 weeks for shipment. Printify will blame it on the shipping companies but it is NOT. They first ship through DHL who then transfer shipment to the post office. I've had 6 customer complaints in two weeks and had to fully refund FOUR orders and reimburse shipping for several others. I reached out several times about this issue and was told that they've faced unexpected volume, blamed this shipping companies or some other excuse. I've lost money on every sale, they haven't offered me any kind of a refund. I'll admit they make nice shirts but there shipping times will piss off your customers and you'll end up reimbursing them anyway! Avoid this t-shirt fulfillment company.