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  • Printful - Printing & Warehousing

    Printful prints and sends your custom print designs to your customers for products such as t-shirts, posters, canvas, mugs etc.
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    • Slash Price

      The app has a very annoying and downright bad behavior to import all the products it finds once connected to shopify, without the users' consent. This is web development 101. You should first ASK what to import (if at all) and then also provide the ability to REMOVE anything in case the user wants. You don't do either of those. You import the entire collection, and then only offer an "ignore" option, instead of removal, which forces me to see a whole bunch of irrelevant products in the interface. BAD, BAD, BAD! This is enough reason for me to not use the app! You should fix it ASAP. I am lucky to be using the product feed still in test mode, with only a few dozen items, because I had almost 7000 products in the database. I can only imagine the mess your app would cause, not to mention the trouble I would have to go through to "ignore" the imported ones, after its done. This is seriously a BUG in your product design. I don't know who came up with this, but it is unacceptable. I will not use the app until this is fixed. You are doing everything right, and this stupid workflow design ruins your otherwise competitive advantage. I will change my review if I see any progress on the matter. Until then, I will have to tolerate the bozos at Teespring and run two store backends instead of one. So to recap, you have no right to import products, other than create a channel and tags for what you provide. Shopify store owners sell a bunch of stuff, which are completely irrelevant to your line of business. So STOP the automatic importing as not only it has nothing to do with your service, it is also a dumb practice not to mention intrusive. I don't want to share my datafeed with you or anyone else. Especially without my permission. And last but not least, the whole thing is BACKWARDS! Why would I want to EXPORT my shopify datafeed to printful, when its obvious utility is to do the exact OPPOSITE, which is to provide me a way to design T-shirts, IMPORT them to my shopify store for display, and get the buyer data once a sale is made to do the delivery. That's it ! Its not rocket science! Fix the thing to do just that.

    • Childs Prints

      Fantastic, a real hands on company. Always happy to answer questions , takes pride in producing products here in America. Could use a more diverse product line perhaps, specially since the are located in Los Angles, there are plenty of suppliers nearby. Keep up the good work **UPDATE *** ordered 3 demo products and 2 of them were substandard in quality. the canvas print ( which is also the most expensive product they produce ) was not stretched tight and by the time I received it was sagging into the frame , thus putting creases all around the print, it's in the trash now. So far it has been a week and they still have not issued a refund. I am really not sure if I can trust them to deliver a quality product to my customers. They might be good for T Shirts , if that's your deal , but so far, the other products and the resolving of complaints , Printful seems to talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. I have a feeling that I will downgrading them again. Or just dumping them as a supplier for my up coming ad campaign. I had them at 5 stars until I actually received a product. *** Well round 2 with these guys... 3 pillows and a framed print as of 6 days after order was made... 1 print shipped finally... no word on the pillows. Such a let down. Lets face it, if you live in a metro area in the United States you can have all of the services Printful offers at a better price right near you and you won't have production or shipping delays. Example : 16x20 image wrapped canvas print, Printful $39.99 and what they shipped me 5 days later was thrown in the garbage because of lack of quality. Office Depot, same product $29.99 and received in 2 days and was perfect. *** Latest *** upgrade, although it took a bit longer than I expected to ship from them , the pillows I ordered were spot on; although I have learned to not use a white background as the pillow case is a bit see through. The framed print while cost prohibitive , was printed on a nice grade paper and had good finishing in the framing. The quality control was much better than the last shipment.

    • Poshology

      I normally do not write negative reviews but I'm so furious with the horrible fulfillment time that my very first customer is getting, or not getting if you want to get technical. So, basically my very FIRST customer ordered a shirt on Aug. 23rd. It is now Sept. 2nd and the shirt is still in the printing stage. The ship out time on the order says between Aug. 29th & Sept. 1st. So of course now it's the weekend and I suspect at this point it'll be another week. It's come to the point where I feel I have to offer this customer a free product from my other collections due to me and the customers inconvenience. This is completely unacceptable and I keep getting the run around on why it hasn't been printed and shipped yet. They told me the tshirt when printed over 4 times, didn't meet their quality control, but the strange thing is this shirt had been ordered after hers and theirs went out the next day after they ordered it, the same exact Tshirts! No quality issue there. Not to mention that I ordered 3 samples of this exact shirt design and everyone received them in a decent time frame without issue. Incidents like this make me want to try other print on demand services or just print ourselves but I've been trying to be so patient but my patience is running very thin right now. I could see if maybe they offer a print/delivery policy something similar to dominos pizza where if it's not delivered within a certain time frame your pizza is free lol... but nothing! No apology, no rhyme or reason, just nothing except for you and your customers to wait for something they paid for. I've put ship times on my website in regards to lengthy times just as a precaution but it's now been 10 days plus the weekend, plus the Labor Day holiday, and hoping they send it by Tuesday Sept. 4th will put this order at 13 days and that's "IF" they ship it on Tuesday. So messed up, smh.

    • Seth Todd

      First, This app is simple and easy to use but there are a few things that turned me from this "Company". I am a 18 year old college student that is trying to make a living off his brand which he has dreamed about for a long time... I am a christian, I respect others hoping for respect back. I guess thats not always true. Recently I ordered two of my shirt designs, they met all the requirements for size and DPI. They were simple and clean, and they had bible verses on them. Craziest thing though, I got home and was excited to see those two shirts I ordered were on the porch. I grabbed the bag and opened the first one, the quality was sad and was disappointing. Then I open the second excited to see what it could be. Real soon I was in awe... To my discomforting surprise the shirt I had was a christian fish which I know very well, I mean its a simple great design. This one was a whole lot different though... This fish had horns on it and 666 in the middle. Now I know what I ordered and I know where my heart is. I am very disgusted and sad at prihtful for this mistake or crude joke I don't know what it is... but I do know one thing, If one of my customers were to get that shirt I would be done and they would have killed the dream of a 18 year old college student trying to shoot for his dreams. This is why I respectively resign the use of prihtful and all there product. I urge you to order a sample before you use them, make sure they will be true to you. Prihtful thank you for your time, I pray you will fix your faults and grow to be a better company. I still respect who you are and what you do, but I am disappointed in your choices and the way you carried out this matter.

    • Rave Threads Usa

      This integration is absolutely incredible. I've worked for a jewelry company and run their entire digital presence using Shopify, but thanks to Printful I've been able to begin on a path to building a business I can be passionate about. With college graduation only a month away, and the ever daunting pressure from my parents to land some 100K a year job at a big firm building someone elses dream, I have been under incredible amounts of stress. I know nothing about illustrator or photoshop, or even clothing for that matter... However, I do know how to build traffic and capitalize on Facebook marketing and with the help of Printful, I have been able to focus on my strengths and what I enjoy without the worry of inventory failure or having to learn the worlds most difficult photo editing software. My journey has just begun (and sure, my designs may need some help), but with the help of the Printful Shopify integration and their amazing customer support, its a journey I greatly look forward to.