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  • Pre-Order Manager

    №1 Shopify Preorder App! Manage Pre-Orders easily, customize the button, description, style for certain products/variants or the whole store
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    • Kitt Allan

      The app is great, user-friendly, and allows for customization to fit your store look and feel. Enabling pre-orders is a very important resource when you have fluctuating stock. Since this is our case, we wanted to tackle the issue from the beginning, and tried a few apps. Pre-Order is the best we found. By far. Which makes the fact that it is free a thing of beauty. We also integrated it with the In Stock Reminder app from the same developer, which also allows customization and is a key ability to have in ecommerce. Now, the most important aspect of the set for us has been the constant, effective, present, and attentive customer support of Philip, who took care of each and every question and request in the best way, being sincere, and offering solutions. We have an important amount of customization in our theme code, and as lovely as that is, it may sometimes create some roadblocks. For instance, we had a piece of theme customization code, and Pre-Order code overlapping and creating a less than ideal user experience. It was not easy to detect the root of the problem. The great Shopify team worked with us for a few days on it, but ultimately realized that the app developer had to help us. Philip took care of it. When the initial solution did not completely solve the matter, in less than 24 hours he delivered a new one, and all is fixed and working well now. A pleasure really. The best customer experience of all Shopify apps so far. We plan to add more of their products in the future.

    • Harper Media Productions

      This would be a great, easy to use app IF YOU COULD ACTUALLY GET IT TO WORK! You have to go through a 4 or 5 installation step program to get it to work, two of which involve code both in Shopify and Chrome! To make things worse it was developed by guys who don't speak English so the poorly translated instructions are confusing and hard to follow. Second, they assume you know something of code so they make many code references and you have no idea what they are referring to. I watched their install video, too. I have a PhD and I couldn't get it to work. My hat is off to those who succeeded. Do I blame the developers? No, I blame Shopify. This is such an obvious common need to at least half of their customers but they fobbed it off on some developer when they should have done it themselves. Now, having said that, I STILL GIVE THEM 4 STARS. Why? Because they have excellent and timely support. These guys really want your business and will work hard to keep you happy. They quickly solved my installation problem. You can't ask for more than that. And, as I said earlier, once it does work, it is a great app. You have a lot of control over how your 'pre-order' button looks.

    • Spinnables

      If you're looking to allow pre-orders for your products, SERIOUSLY LOOK NO FURTHER. This is the ONLY application you need, and I've done the homework for you already, feel free to copy me and just get this app. Spur-i-t is an amazing company and their support staff are stellar, just like their products. We've been using this product since the launch of our store and it is definitely one of the most helpful apps on our store. It accounts for about 30% of our total revenue. At least 3 orders a day that are made are pre-orders, and without this app it would not be easy to capture those. It does a great job of helping you show what products are in pre-order status and you can set a custom description, shipping date, everything, any setting you could ask for and need, this app has it, hands down the BEST application on the market for allowing customers to pre-order items from your store.

    • Tendou Toys

      Vultures and nightmare is all i can say about this company. I had installed this program and it looks great (notice I said 'looks great') but their service is complete crap. They listed that they are willing to help no matter what and encourage people to send them emails for help and so forth. BUT the only thing I got was them pushing the ball back to me and asking me for payment - $45 per hour ($45 USD, yes USD) and they need 3 hours to fix my so-called problem is ludicrous. I understand the app is free but when there is a problem who do you need to seek? The ones behind the app right? That's what I did and that's what I got from them. I utterly and completely wasted my time with them. If the app had a different company things would have been better. A bunch of vultures, nothing more.

    • Island Doggie

      Update, 12-31-16: They've made that change (below) due to my suggestion. Good job guys! Thank you for valuing your customer's feedback. - - - Update, 12-26-2016: Many thanks to P.Z. from support for helping me install the id for my add to cart button in my liquid files. It was a tedious task and I only hope Pre-Order Manager can automatically make this change once you switch over to a new theme like I did (from Solo to Minimal). That's the only reason I'm not giving it a perfect 5-star rating. Trying to make this update during the holidays was rather bothersome. - - - This app worked great and was easy to install with my previous Shopify store theme, Solo. Now that I've switched to the Minimal theme, it no longer works. I've contacted support and am currently awaiting their reply.