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Rating 5.0/10
Price $5.95 – $12.95 / month
  • Pop-Up Window

    Add a customizable pop-up window to your Shopify storefront to gather email signups or notify visitors about promotions and sales.
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    • Tina D Jewelry

      So far so good, the pop up shows up great on my website and the app is easy to use. I had to use a picture with words of my own design, the stock pictures were not what I wanted. It would be great if they had a basic template to use to design from. Still unsure if the price is worth it since I am only using the popup for subscriptions but I may use other features in the app later. I use shopify and Debut theme and I can not get the pop up script to run right so I will use this for a few months but I like what I see so far! Thank you :)


      This app is brilliant. But even more than a brilliant App is all the help Evan gives you for setting up the App. I wanted to synchronize my App with AWeber (which was easier said than done!) But Evan literally did everything for me. I love that you can customize the pop-up with images from your own computer rather than from set templates (as is the case with AWeber). I am so pleased with my App and have already seen an increase in subscribers-and my App has only been live 48 hours! Definitely worth getting this App,

    • The Bright Box

      The app is super easy to use, even for non techy people like myself. Installation is a breeze but even more importantly, the customer service is outstanding. I wanted to customize it a bit but wasn't into doing any complicated work. I sent a note and by the time I woke up Evan was already on it. Within a day he had worked magic and made the adjustments that I requested. I was wavering between this and a couple of other pop up window apps but I'm 100% sure I went with the right app. Thanks Evan and team!

    • Mugsy 2

      5 stars, hands down. It's easy to use, looks brilliant, and comes with the best customer service I have ever seen--E.g. I wanted to increase the email input field size and reached out to the customer support team when I couldn't figure out how to do it myself. Evan responded, typed up the html code to make it look how I wanted, entered the code himself, AND notified me of other functions I wasn't using that he thought I would benefit from. Blew me out of the water, thank you Evan. -Leo | Mugsy Jeans

    • Materials And Process

      What I love about this app is the customizable popup image. Its easy to use and integrate. Always works well. What I dont like is that the basic plan does not allow you to change the frequency and so everytime your customer clicks a new page they get the popup again which is annoying. And for the upgraded plan you don't get as much features as other apps like abandoned cart recovery or banners. Ive used it for awhile but thinking about switching because of that.